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  1. Amazing! Thank you so much Charles, I'll be calling the lab tomorrow.
  2. Hello, I just recently was given about 9,000ft of free 35mm film color negative. My question is that how would I know if its any good without spending too much money to find out that it's 9,000ft of junk. The film was stored in the guy's basement. Today when I picked it up, it felt like 65degrees and the weather was somewhere around 60. Digging through the film and relabeling it, I found one that was marked with the year 1994. So I'm going to assume that all the film is about the same age. Since the film wasn't stored in the frig but in the basement with aging gaff tape peeling off but the can not open. What is the worst that I should expect just knowing the way the film stock was stored. A fellow DP said that it should have lost some latitude due to the humidity during the summer, it may have lost some speed and possibly may cloud. What are some issues that I should be aware of before I spend $800 to get it telecine? Thanks
  3. Hey Guys, So I've been recently hired as a Camera Operator on a Feature and I was curious what is the preproduction procedures? I've been so stuck on practicing industry standard camera prep as a camera assistant but never as a Camera Operator... What does a Camera Operator usually do for prep? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Kevin, I currently live in Seattle and trying to stay as active as possible. Insight on Seattle as a Camera Assistant or even working in the industry here is rough like anywhere else. But here in Seattle, there is very little paid work being handed off here. Simpler term: too many chefs in the kitchen. I've been AC'ing on an amateur level for two years, a few features, lots of shorts and many music videos and I still struggle to get on the few big production here in the Northwest. As far as rental houses, I've attempted to go that route to better my knowledge in all formats and all cameras Seattle house but they are all staffed which all has been working there for years. I'm not saying they won't leave but it doesn't seem like there's going to be an opening anytime soon. Hopefully this helps with your decision for the next city for your career. Sorry for any misspelling*on my iPhone*
  5. Not speaking from experience but I know of many AC's in Seattle who I have talked to and many of them spent a great amount of time working at a rental house. The greatest thing I hear from AC's which I am striving to be, is that they would get an 35mm motion camera and load dummy or exposed film. They have all told me, "Because of that I was able to get on a show as a 2nd 2nd and load." I do not plan on going that route of applying to a rental house because being new to Seattle, I can't afford to turn down freelance gigs because I have to go to work from mon-fri. love to hear more on this topic.
  6. Thanks Guys for the advise. All very very helpful. My friend and I are trying to check out equipment from our school to try to get 2 Sony DSR400 locked down for the ceremony. We ere thinking one up top and the other tight on the minister,bride and groom as we both shoot wide and tight shots with the glide-cam. Once again THANKS A WHOLE LOT. I'll post the edit piece once we're done.
  7. So, I am a student of the Art Institute of Seattle trying to get my hands on some experience. So, a friend and I posted an ad on Craigslist and got two gigs for April. So, I was hoping to get some advise and some pointers on the sequence of events? Any suggested b-roll to look out for? Any suggestions on additional equipment? We will be using Final Cut Pro 6 & Pro Tools 8 in post. The couples who agreed to hire us understand that we are students and willing to take a huge risk hiring us. Very thankful for the experience. Our equipment list: Panasonic DVX100B 4 CGP-D28 batteries Canon XL1 16x Zoom lens & 3x wide Zoom 2 BP-930 batteries Canon VL-10Li II Frezzi Sun Gun light kit 2 bogen tripods w/ fluid heads 2 Glidecam 4000 pro 2 large Silver/White reflectors 8 Mini-Dv tapes 1 Shure SM-58 1 Sennheiser ME66 Short Shotgun Microphone 2 XLR cables Do you guys think I should bring along a Fostex FR2 field recorder for some reception interviews? Also, Any suggestion for any additional equipment that may be needed? Thanks for looking and hope to get some great feedback. -Alan
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