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  1. Looking to buy: SR3 arri baseplate BP-6 or BP-7 and S16 1.78 ground glass
  2. For sale O'Connor 2065 2065 Mitchell Head, plate, pan handle - brand new $6500 O'Connor 60L 2-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs with Mitchell Top Plate - brand new $2100 O'Connor Mid Level Spreader MLS for 30L and 60L - lightly used, great shape $600 Mitchell Base Hi Hat - used, perfectly working shape $120 Located in Santa Monica No cases included with the gear
  3. Arri Alexa Mini #20078 with 1260+ Operating Hours 4:3, ArriRaw, Arri Look Up Library Licenses. This is camera owned and operated by me, not rented out to 3rd parties, so it's in excellent perfectly working condition without any issues. Located in LA. Price is $45k USD. Includes: - ARRI Alexa Mini Serial# 20078 With ARRIRAW and 4:3 Licenses (1260 Operating Hours) - Arri Look Library - ARRI Titanium PL Mount LDS with L-Bus Connector - 4 x 256GB Lexar 3600x Cfast 2.0 Media Cards + Case - PROGRADE DIGITAL DUAL-SLOT CFAST™/SD™ WORKFLOW READER USB 3.1 GEN 2 - Wooden Camera Top Plate (Alexa Mini) - Wooden Camera Cage Arm (Alexa Mini) - WC Gold Mount (Alexa Mini) Battery Plate with 1 P-Tap Port - WC A-Box (Alexa Mini) - SmallRig Super Lightweight 15mm-Railblock (2pcs Pack) 2061 - 15mm rod pair for battery plate - SmallRig NATO Top Handle Kit with NATO Rail - SmallRig ARRI Dovetail Clamp with 19mm Rod Clamp
  4. Looking to buy Arriflex 416+ i'm in LA. PM any leads thank you
  5. looking to buy aaton penelope. personal purchase. i'm located in LA.
  6. hi Rick. it is, but my partner and I are keen on keeping it unless we get the asking price.
  7. Up for sale is ARRI Alexa Plus 4:3 lightly used and in great shape 2980 hours on the camera the camera has highspeed and anamorphic features enabled and comes with the following: ARRI - CLM-5 Focus Motor (new condition) - works great with WCU-4 for motor/cam control. 7 x 64Gb SxS Cards Sonnet Echo Pro SxS Card Reader + Thunderbolt Cable Gold Mount Battery Power Plate ARRI BP13 Baseplate for 15mm studio rods AC Adapter Shoulder Pad EVF + 3 evf cables + mounting bracket 2 pin to 4 x P-tap power splitter adapter cable. Wooden Camera XLR A-Box Audio Adapter 16Gb SD Card hard metal transport case with custom fit foam Price for the above is $23k firm Also for additional $2k will include an option to shoot ARRIRAW: Convergent 7Q+ with RAW Bundle License Movcam 7q cage p-tap cable ac adapter cable BNC cable 256GB SSD SSD Drive Handles note this is a 4:3 sensor camera that is fully compatible with wcu4. you can shoot 2k which you can upscale in post to 4k (same as alexa mini does in camera) or record arriraw to convergent 7Q+ with 2160pixels in height. this is an option to have a studio ergonomics setup camera and roll arri footage on budget. we are selling to buy a new cooke panchros lens set and looking for a serious buyer, preferably in Los Angeles. straight sale, no trades. PM me if interested with serious inquiries. thank you.
  8. looking to buy used Alexa Mini with PL mount. preferably in Los Angeles.
  9. hi Kalle, I have a question about Aja V2Digital, what cable do you use to connect it to 416 IVS out to V2Digital in?
  10. Want to buy: Arri LFF-1 Follow Focus Pls PM me if you have one. may consider an FF2 as well
  11. I too would like to find and buy a 22mm. Pls let me know if anyone's selling.
  12. so for 30 fps 180 degree shutter is 1/60th?
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