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    Making test films of the same subject over and over using different permutations of cameras, lenses and film stock but never actually shooting anything interesting.

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  1. Thank you. I had CinePost (www.posthouse.com) scan all his 8mm stuff in 2012. They seem understand the home movie market well and their colorist makes good decisions and compromises. They consistently deliver nice looking files. Unfortunately, all the scans I have are SD. I guess I'll have to do another round. But I don't really feel like there is more than about 2k in an 8mm frame, if that. I just went to Apollo 11 "flashback" event at Kennedy Space Center. It was interesting and very, very, very hot and humid.
  2. Ok, new information & question. I located some 200T in 50' magazines in my freezer. Now, I'm wondering if I can get away with pushing that 1 stop, or maybe just 1/2 stop. The goal would be to have 16mm 200T come close to look of 8mm 50D after scanning, or at least not look awful. The only alternative for the interiors, I think, is to shoot Regular 8 250D in my little Bolex D8L.
  3. I have a couple Niko I have a couple Nikon R10's but no 500T in stock. Event is Tuesday. Wish I could shoot 500T! I have some for my A-Minima, but...
  4. It doesn't seem like there is any room to push back, unfortunately. People's brains are scrambled by film cameras for some reason. They're perfectly happy letting someone capture 4k on a little digital camera but can't wrap their heads around someone shooting movie film. I actually had a mountain guide service (Exum Guide Service) go nuts when I said I was bringing an 8mm movie camera (Bolex D8L). I also had a gate attendant at Yellowstone Park go nuts over a Kodak K100. She actually called a Law Enforcement Ranger to follow me and pull me over to find out what I was doing with "obviously" professional camera gear in a national park.
  5. Thanks. I have some 2R 250D, but none is loaded into 50' mags, unfortunately 😞
  6. I'm going to an event where my A-Minima is not welcome. It's too big, they say. The event is a celebration of something that happened 50 years ago, and I have an 8mm Kodachrome home movie of it. My film will be sort of a sequel or follow-up. Since I can't get awesome high-quality footage with my A-Minima, I thought that I'd go for more of a retro look. I think I'll shoot V3 50D with my NOS Bolex D8L. But that doesn't solve the problem I have with an indoor event, which is not likely to be lit well. I have 8mm 250D, but I imagine it will wind up awfully grainy. The 250D footage isn't likely to match the 50D footage well. My current idea is to shoot the indoor stuff on 16mm 50D with a tiny Revere wind up magazine camera, and push the film 2 or 3 stops. My theory is that 16mm 50d pushed 2 or 3 stops may reasonably match the grain of 8mm 50D. I pull 50D all the time to avoid using filters with my A-Minima. But I don't have any experience with pushing it. Can anyone help me speculate as to whether or not I can get away with pushing 50D 3 stops or not, and whether that has a reasonable chance of matching 50D 8mm grain? Ditto for 2 stops. I know non-pros aren't exactly mainstream here, and I'm not a pro. I appreciate any information you're willing to share.
  7. "Interesting. But "shooting" is also used for a film shoot." Right, falls under "Recording images using any device or media".
  8. Maybe some of you will enjoy this glimpse into the Apollo 11 launch, 50 years ago next week: https://vimeo.com/322987365 The film was shot mostly with a Bolex D8L. Launch footage alternated between the D8L and a B8. You can see that the aperture plates were slightly different. I've been shooting 16mm lately, in the home movie genre. Whenever I watch my dad's stuff, I realize he was a much more skilled filmmaker than I. I just wish he'd switched from 8mm to 16mm long before he did, in April 1976.
  9. Shooting = Recording images using any device or media Filming = Recording images on film end of debate
  10. I have 8mm film. www.toeppenfilm.com
  11. I just used ritterbattery.com to re-cell an OBB-2. I can confirm that they provide competent, speedy, efficient service. I recommend them over myself any day. Cost was $230.
  12. The new edition of Making Kodak Film is out. If you've ever wondered about the magic behind photographic film, this book will likely answer nearly all your questions. Also, it should be mandatory reading for every Millennial who takes everything in the world for granted. http://www.makingkodakfilm.com
  13. Alexandre Favre, who has been working on a documentary about Bolex for a couple years, recently shot a test roll of Regular 8mm Vision 3 50D at the old Bolex plant in Switzerland. The film had some problems during slitting if I understood correctly, which necessitated some post work. Here's a clean scan of a roll which still needs to be scanned as 8mm. I'm selling Regular 8mm film at www.toeppenfilm.com - Tri-X - Plus-X - E100D - Vision 3 50D - Possibly Vision 3 250D Dust off your old Bolex and give it a little exercise! I also have a large quantity of Super 8 E100D with same emulsion number, if anyone is contemplating a large project.
  14. I'm sure everyone can recall the incredible zoom shot from Harold and Maude... We start on the two chatting, and back out to reveal a gigantic cemetery with tens of thousands of headstones. Does anyone know anything about that lens? From time to time, I google around about it. But I always come up empty-handed. Just curious if anyone knows anything.
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