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    Arri 235, Arri 416, Aaton A-Minima, various Bolexes and B&H
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    Making test films of the same subject over and over using different permutations of cameras, lenses and film stock but never actually shooting anything interesting.

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  1. The worst thing you can store film in is aluminum film cans. The worst films I've handled have been in aluminum EKC cans. Steel cans aren't as bad as aluminum, but they are reactive. Best bet is Polypropylene (sp?), because it is quite inert. Holes are good. But don't go throw your holy cans in the basement, attic or garage! Molecular sieves are your friend, but don't overdo it. One final word of advice: "Microenvironment"
  2. Yeah, I am extremely sick of governmental agencies trying to find revenue streams in normal day-to-day activities of its citizens. I mean, if they want to end taxes and switch to user fees, ok. But I'm sure as hell not ok with both. Don't even get me started on governmental entities asserting trademark rights in things that are owned by taxpayers.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvJRgGle9wU&feature=emb_imp_woyt I was once pursued by a law enforcement ranger in Yellowstone after a person at the south gate noticed my Kodak K100 in my car. I am not kidding. Gate agent summoned LER and told him what I was driving. A few miles later, he spotted me as he was heading opposite direction and made a quick U-Turn. Then he followed me for a bit. I jumped off at the turnout for the first crossing of the Continental Divide and there wasn't space for him, so he staked out a position down the road. Then he followed me again. When we got to Wes
  4. Just buy double-perforated film. I have an idea where you can get it: www.toeppenfilm.com
  5. I suppose anything is possible. I like Mark Dunn's theory.
  6. Just Say No to 16/8 2R in 16mm cameras. Here's what happens (sample size=1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKxVr1xwL2U
  7. Wittner just posted an interesting video showing their perforators in operation. https://www.wittnercinetec.com/double-8 I'm glad these guys exist. Dennis Toeppen
  8. Have you visited the Image Permanence Institute website? There is a ton of good information there. I have an archive of Kodachrome films back to 1937. The only films that have VS are the 1937 film (minor waviness) and, oddly, 16mm from the 70's with magnetic sound stripes. All film was stored in identical conditions from 9/1963 to present. When I encountered the minor VS 8 years ago, I got really worried and researched the matter thoroughly. Since I can't afford to have a room at low temp and 20 RH, I settled for appropriate micro environments. Specifically: 1) All films were mo
  9. Hartford is evil. Two thumbs up for Athos. They are very responsive.
  10. I want to see an IMAX 15/70 film sometime soon. It doesn't really matter which film.
  11. There wouldn't be anything worthwhile in any partial roll. Each roll is a scene at a particular place - establishing shots, action, wrap up. It would be impossible to match sky from a roll with a reshoot of just a couple shots. In some cases, establishing shots are on a half roll and action is on a whole roll. If any part of 1.5 rolls is bad, all of it is bad. That's what makes this one so frustrating. I reshot a scene yesterday and blew the last shot. Today I have to go reshoot the whole thing because sky is different today and there are no sunny (it was sunny no clouds yesterday) d
  12. Thanks for the very detailed, thorough, helpful response. The lab has agreed to waive all charges for developing of 14 rolls (9 good, 5 bad) and telecine. That covers the film stock loss and then some. I'm glad they did the right thing. I am going to ask Athos about this. Perhaps incidental damages are covered by my policy. Have a good weekend.
  13. I didn't think anything of it, so the info wasn't transmitted.
  14. That seems about right. Lab should engage in due diligence before putting customer's costly footage into their machine, and lab should use qualified/experienced staff for this step.
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