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    Making test films of the same subject over and over using different permutations of cameras, lenses and film stock but never actually shooting anything interesting.

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  1. Update: The supposed all-terrain wagon from B&H Photo is a completely worthless POS. Their definition of all-terrain apparently includes only level concrete and short-pile carpet. On anything other than that, the front wheels often turn sideways and you're stuck dragging it. This is the case because the front wheels have TOTALLY inadequate caster - maybe 5 degrees. They probably need 30-40 degrees of caster to function as desired.
  2. Edit: That was some awful narration. Strike B&H and replace with B+W. Strike ND1 and replace with ND.3. I drove straight through from IL to NM and I'm a little tired still the day after.
  3. I spent my COVID-19 time making this custom case for my Arri 235. It's now ready for combat. Shooting tomorrow.
  4. Good news, I found several acceptable deals on sharegrid.com and chose one this AM. I'll report back on my experience. A surprising number of rental houses were not responsive to emails. I was particularly surprised that Alan Gordon Enterprises isn't answering emails. I've had great luck with them in the past. Thank you for the tips, AJ and Mark.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can rent four ultra primes for two weeks for no more than about $1500. They'd be used in NM. I have a quote for $1200/week but that's more than I can really swing for this. I figured that everyone's equipment is idle and that I wouldn't have any problem making this win-win deal. But the first rental house I contacted really didn't have much flexibility. They weren't unpleasant, but they weren't willing to converge. I've got insurance through ATHOS and I always treat equipment like it's my own. It's not like I'll be shooting a dune buggy flick. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank You ps They do need to be ultra primes, because all my gear needs 95mm front barrel.
  6. I'm not a cinematographer, but by far the scariest thing about shooting is the credit card bill 🙂
  7. Making a case for an Arri 235. I like to chase trains sometimes, and I need to carry assembled rig securely and be able to set up and shoot in just a couple minutes. My narration is pretty sloppy. IVS, not IVR. And I misstate negative vs positive image (of camera) a couple times.
  8. Is it necessary to buy the power base/riser plate? I can't figure that out from their literature. Thanks!
  9. I just heard back from Ritter. You're right. They've closed down. I keep my OBB-2's on my nightstand and I check level at least once a week. I never let them go into the red. If they become completely discharged, they are ruined. Before I kept them on my nightstand, I lost one by letting it discharge all the way. That was a costly mistake.
  10. Their website is up http://www.ritterbattery.com/
  11. I think I'd probably not want to sell less than 1000', because that's how it's spooled. Cost is pretty high, though. I think it wound up being about $1.50/foot, possibly higher. I'd have to look back at my records. Shipping added substantially to finished cost. Keep in mind that 1000' is 2000' when slitted. Also, if you're going to try A/B printing (or anything other than one light/best light), you'll throw away one side and only get 1000' of 8mm per 1000' of 16/8 2R.
  12. They're willing to print it and process it. The source negative must be un-slit 16/8 2R.
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