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  1. Sarah, There are several around on the East Coast and I can unequivocally (that's a big word AJ - Go look it up) recommend Bernie at Super16inc. He's a stand up guy providing great Super8 and 16mm camera service. Tell Julie I said Hi! R/
  2. Torn sprocket holes is a sure sign the film advance is not working correctly. The good news is the 814 has one of the easiest film advance clutches to fix of any Super8 cameras.
  3. Here's a little video I put together a while back about exposing Super 8 film in the 310XL
  4. Todd, Yes, I agree and I've sent my info to Bill for his letter. I also made a large Plus-X purchase today and will continue to do so until they're sold out. This is really BS. Does Kodak want us all to stop shooting film? The way they jerk around their emulsion lineup regularly make me think they do.
  5. Does anyone know how long supplies will last of the 16mm stock?
  6. The internal charging circuit in your Beaulieu is damaged from the wall charger you're using. T=he original Beaulieu charger was a 30mA device and I'm pretty sure your new charger is rated higher. Send me the camera and I'll fix it for you. R/ Tom Houston www.FilmMaker8.com
  7. No trick, just have to be careful when taking them off. I haven't had one yet that looked bad after removal and reinstall.
  8. Yes, re-cell the battery! It will be better than new if done correctly. R/
  9. Evan, Thanks for the info. I've purchased from there before. Bought new and was sent used equipment instead. Not a big fan of the French ACL outlet right now... R/
  10. Adam, Right now it sounds like your camera is ready for you to move the the REW/FOW switch from the REW position to the FOW position. Once you do this the camera will run again. I've noticed in the past that the contacts get dirty on cameras like yours that haven't been used for years. You should also gently try some rapid movements of the REW/FOW switch to cut through some of the corrosion that may be present. Your camera really needs a good cleaning and lube. R/
  11. AJ, are you providing any useful information to help filmmakers or just spewing nonsense so you can say you were here? Michael Moore has done more in his sleep than you will ever accomplish... Do you have relevant information to provide? Anyway, Chris, great link. It's definitely possible to adapt a small (lipstick cam) to a Super 8 viewfinder. I have done this. Experiment and see what works. Don't be discouraged and let us know what you find out! R/
  12. AJ, don't be a hater! Nikita, Super 8 lives! Check out this site for factual information. Ignore the nonsense you just heard from Aj. He's angry about about things none of us can understand... Let me know if you have questions and I'll help you. http://www.film.project-consultant.net/html/agfa.html R/
  13. Personally, I think $166 USD, plus VAT & shipping from the UK for a 800mAh battery is a bit steep :( . Either one of the Wittner batteries offered provides the capacity to shoot 50+ cartridges of film at one time. Who shoots 50 cartridges of Super 8 film at one time? Lets face it, Beaulieu shipped a 250mAh battery with their 4008 series cameras when new. Did Beaulieu ship a significantly undersized battery with their camera? Of course not! The 250mAh batteries were based on old NiCad battery technology and were still were sufficient to operate the camera for up to (7-10 Cartridges @ 18fps - From the Beaulieu manual). The double height Wittner battery packs would be significant IF we were still bound to old lower capacity NiCad battery technology. There's no need for a double height larger battery case/capacity these days with battery capacities available that have almost doubled for a given form factor. Technology marches on and we're now able to re-cell the original Beaulieu battery cases with almost TWICE the battery capacity in the same form factor. AMAZING and frankly, I prefer the lower profile battery pack that Beaulieu originally sold with the camera. IMHO they look better on the camera and our 450mAh re-celled batteries will shoot WAY more film than anyone would ever need to shoot between charges. Low profile means sleek and out of the way while providing extended shooting times! The batteries we use in our re-cells are high discharge cells providing momentary 2.5A discharge rates. They're very powerful and it takes caution during the re-cell process to make sure they don't short and weld themselves together! DonFito productions purchased 6 re-celled batteries from me he is more than happy. Send him a PM and he'll tell you that his re-cells are more than enough for his film production company. Believe me when I say that you'll never need more than the original low profile Beaulieu battery pack re-celled with 450mAh batteries. Forget all of those external batteries and cables. Why would someone ever need this much capacity? You might if you're traveling to the African Sahara to shoot a movie with over 50 cartridges where you'll be away from a power source for weeks at a time. Feel comfortable to go and shoot in the African Sahara with out batteries, just bring two and you will be fine. Re-celling your original Beaulieu battery case makes sense and my re-cells with 450mAh batteries give you the ability to shoot 10-12 cartridges or more between charges (understand this is a VERY conservative number). Check out my site www.FilmMaker8.com for more details and email me if you have any questions! If you're a business and would like evaluation batteries email me to discuss. AJ, if you still want a re-celled battery just send me your old battery!
  14. Rafael, I'm glad you're happy with the re-celled batteries! You were actually my second customer. I was my own first customer and re-celled all of my own batteries first to perfect the re-cell process. When the batteries are re-celled, they're better than when Beaulieu assembled them at the factory. My new site www.FilmMaker8.com offers resources for filmmakers, Super 8 cameras (coming soon), custom machine shop and electronics facilities, and of course the battery re-celling service that many Cinematography members have used. FilmMaker8 is a small business located in Northern VA just outside of Washington DC. Our re-celling process is outlined on the site and also includes a list of questions that should be asked of anyone who offers Beaulieu battery re-celling services. If you have any questions feel free to contact me (link on the site). I have some other products and services planned for 2010 so keep an eye out on FilmMaker8.com for more information. Thank you to everyone here who has used my re-cell service. It's really a pleasure to know there are Beaulieu Super 8 cameras running out there with batteries that we brought back to life. R/ Tom Houston www.FilmMaker8.com
  15. I should have been more clear, I'm looking for an Elair ACL Kinoptik viewfinder. Not sure the NPR will fit??
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