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  1. The Super 8 Festival Détours in Santorini (Greece) is now accepting films for its third edition. It will be occurring this summer August 27th through 29th 2010: three nights of white walls and Super 8 outdoors projections around the maze of tiny streets of one of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. The white walls of Oia village will become natural screens and images will be floating in the streets. Live music will be accompanying the films projected. And each night, your audience will vote for its favorite film. All genres are accepted: animation, fiction, documentary, and experimental film. Shoot your film in Super 8, black and white or color. Send us your Super 8 films! We are hoping to provide a true international array of contemporary Super 8 film work. Visit www.festivaldetours.org for more info, an entry form, or contact info. Deadline: July 25th, 2010 No entry fee. Happy filming! -- Nerea García Détours Santorini Super 8 Film Festival August 27 to 29, 2010 http://www.festivaldetours.org/
  2. hi victor and steve! thanks a lot for your enthusiasm about this wonderful festival. Actually I was there in Santorini last year helping Pauline, an awesome French girl who set up the event, and the experience was truly incredible. Also, having Atlantis Books bookstore as a headquarters and with all the people around helping out and having fun was very special. This year Pauline, Libby, Madeleine and I are still working to make it happen again. The CALL FOR ENTRIES IS OPEN until June 10th!!. This 2nd edition will take place at the streets of Oia (Santorini, Greece) from July 10th to 12th. For these three nights, once again the white walls of Oia village will be adorned with several Super 8 projections for travelers and locals alike. We are hoping to provide a true international array of contemporary Super 8 film work. We are accepting all genres of film including animation, documentary, fiction, and experimental film. Films will be projected in several locations throughout the village, and will be played not with audio but with live music accompaniment. So please pass the word, send your films, send yourselves!! nerea
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