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  1. Tungsten fresnels are fine, but everyone seems to ask for LED these days. I'm happy to work with either one. I have a set of Sola 4 LED fresnels. They don't get hot - won't melt the portabrace - won't blister paint on a ceiling bounce and can be found used for half the retail price. The 5600 daylight from the Sola 4 yields nice color on the C300MKII cameras I work with so I've come around to embrace the LED overall.
  2. I don't know the difference between a neutral density filter and polarizing filter, but I have not noticed any color shifts with the Singh-Ray scalable ND.
  3. I'm using Singh-Ray Variable ND. I find it to be an essential item for shooting cinema on the 5D mark 2 in bright sunlight. It offers about eight stops.
  4. If you are still selling this please let me know.
  5. Peter: Thanks for posting your experiences with the Ikonoskop DII. I've been very interested in this camera because it's small and light and shoots 2K in PL mount. Which lenses are you using on it and how is it working out for you? Does it do slow motion? AGain, thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I found a Bolex H-16 eyecup from a local camera tech here in Seattle. source: www.seriousgear.com Again thanks!
  7. The eyecup on the Beaulieu 4008ZMII has disintegrated. Does anyone know where I can find a new one that will work on this camera?
  8. I'm selling off the stock that has been in the fridge for the past four years. It might go really cheap. I started the bidding at $0.01 Shipping within the USA only to keep it simple and shipping is FREE. Thanks in advance for checking out the auction. 2 100ft 7205 16mm daylight roll film 2 7218 16mm 100ft daylight rolls film 4 cartridges 7217 Super 8 film 6 cartridges 7217 Super 8mm film
  9. Mitch: Thanks for the link! I watched all three of them. Very informative A project just landed on my palette and it might be a good time to use these lenses. I'll be in touch. again thanks!
  10. The housing and interchangeable lens mounts is a major selling point for me since I want to be able to switch from film to digital as needed. Some of the lenses are quite slow [T 3], but perhaps that is less of an issue with the digital sensors and new Vison 3 emulsions. Another selling point is that each lens has the same size front so less fooling around with different sized filters when the matte box is off the unit. Mitch, I'll be in touch. I'm curious to know if you can get me a good price on a set. I would buy them mail order from New York to save on taxes.
  11. cool! finally got 7285 on super 8.. Nice!
  12. I am very interested to learn more about the Zeiss CP.2 lenses as they become available. Is anyone using them yet? What are your impressions? I am considering buying a set for use on both HDSLR and S16. Thanks in advance for joining the discussion. Zeiss CP.2 Website
  13. I'm looking to buy 10 solid work lamps for a technician / workshop. It's bench work. I need suggestions on what to buy and where. I'm located in Seattle. I would like to have the following qualities: *illuminates brightly in bright white light *Adjustable/mountable arm *energy efficient *dim adjustable If you have suggestions please chime in. Thank you.
  14. I have always been inspired by this film. It stands as a reminder that a fascinating film can be made with one camera, two actors and a single location.
  15. Wow! That is encouraging. I'm interested in picking up an A-Minima or XTR if the price is right.
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