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  1. hi I just wanted to announce that my RED one package is for hire on the Gold Coast in Australia. More infos at: http://www.redinaustralia.com cheers
  2. Hi everyone im looking for a set of Nds (3/6/9) and a circular polarizer, if anyone has filters for sale please let me know. cheers
  3. found it, thanks so much, exactly what i was looking for.
  4. hi everyone im desperately looking for an image...or vector graphic of generic 35mm ground glass markings and frame sizes (super35, anamorphic, 1,8:1) for a lecture presentation. does anyone have an idea where i can find some in a possibly good resolution ? thanks for any help.
  5. isnt it just an extra assurance ? besides ive worked with dops who didnt know the exposure compensation for some of the filters we shot with <:)
  6. thanks that helped james: no big deal :)
  7. ok in this attached PDF is what i got so far. any recommendations which filters else to put in ? filters.pdf
  8. hi everyone im in the process of making my own filter tags...to stick on the cam mattbox. does anyone know where i can find a list of the most common filters (nds, pola, grads...) their abbreviations and their exposure compensation values ? since i want to include that on the tags. thanks. ps. when im finished im happy to put up the list as a .doc file online so everyone can print it and get it laminated to cut out little tags and stick them on velcro :)
  9. rupe: not yet, thanks, ill check them out.
  10. they only deliver inside the US and to the UK :/ yeah i know who u mean :)
  11. hi its time to give my camera bag an overhaul. can anyone recommend an online shop like filmtools.com that actually delivers outside the US ? filmtools has a great range and good prices...but they wont ship to australia :( im planing on doing a bigger order since theres quite a bit of stuff i need but the local film supply shops are way too expensive. cheers
  12. well yes, but you know how it is, especially in low budget productions....every hour of telecine cost money...lots of money. so if there is a way of conveying my ideas quickly to the colorist that would be very helpful. the ideal thing would be a book that has lots of different stills photography styles in them and explains how to achieve those styles in photoshop .
  13. michael: i think you misunderstand me, im not trying to figure out the work process of a colorist so i can tell them what to do. i try to figure out a work process in photoshop for myself so i can provide references to the colorist to let him know what i have in mind. and exactly that is my problem, i know the tools like selective color, contrast, curves and all that in photoshop....but i dont know which ones to use to what extend and when, to achieve the look i have in mind. often i have a very distinctive image in my mind, but its hard to find references and then its difficult to tell them exactly what i want.
  14. alessandro: i do attend the grading sessions all the time, but i want a fairly good idea before hand and how to achieve it. adam: wow thank you, i will print out your post and keep that as reference :)
  15. hi dominic cool thanks for the tipp, will check that book out. i was just looking for a photoshop book because i do a lot of photography work in photoshop anyway, and creating postpro looks and color correction is a bit of a weakness for me:/
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