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  1. News, all: On Jun 8, 2009, at 12:08 PM, I wrote to Rogerdeakins.com webmaster: It is unfortunate that the site is still down as a result of this decision. The behaviour of one individual should not have such a drastic impact on everyone else. I really hope that Mr. Deakins reconsiders this decision, so that in the future the majority of us who show our respectful appreciation may continue to benefit from this valuable resource. Sincerely, Stephen Brown I just received this response: Dear Stephen, I wanted to let you know that we have reinstated the site at www.rogerdeakins.com. We have re-opened the forum as well. We look forward to hearing from you! Regards, James Ellis Deakins Webmaster www.RogerDeakins.com webmaster@rogerdeakins.com
  2. The site is still down, but the message includes this email address: webmaster@rogerdeakins.com Has anyone tried writing to the site expressing a desire for its return? I am sure if enough people who are genuinely and respectfully appreciative of the Deakins site, it could have some impact on whether or not it returns some day. I just sent a quick email to encourage a reconsideration.
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