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  1. Hi Kip. Its normally easier to just send in the entire roll (in your case all the rolls) to the lab and let them handle it.
  2. Hi Mungai I'm from South Africa. :) and apologies for the very late post!
  3. Hi Gents! How would i go about getting most silver out of neg? Processing virgin neg gets me nothing/very little...would fogging the film entirely give me max silver? Or should i flash the neg?
  4. Thanks for the response Karl Photomecs are generally quite 'soft' machines so i think i might just give it a go...purely experimental will let you know the results.Was just curious to find out if anyone had tried it.I might just slow it down a tad though..
  5. Hi all.Anyone tried running 8mm neg on a photomec integrated processor (35/16mm)?Just curious if a 50 fpm processors tension would need adjustment to compensate for the fact that its 8mm?Im sure rollers etc would have to be changed BUT is that it?Anyone given it a go? Thanks.
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