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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143382686860 New URL- for ebay sale
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143382174361 I'm including a Kinoptic 5.7 lens with the camera as well. Camera needs a CLA and some minor repairs but I use it in current condition all the time. Last used a few weeks ago with No Issues,
  3. https://vimeo.com/46914629 Film test above all shot 9-50 on Aaton XTR I use the 9-50 - if you take off the front matte ring it will cover S16 from about 15-50 - bit of vignetting on the wider lengths.
  4. Here's the situation. All stock bought from Kodak directly. Shot a music video with an Arri SR2 with new stock from Kodak - No problems Shot 2 additional mags of short ends on an Aaton XTR - Stock about 2 years old - Refrigerated One short end - 50 ft - No problem other than a slightly higher amount of grain than the Arri Rolls The other has an issue - the grain pulsates - it's constant in its pulsing or and the grain is substantially more blue in the shadows than the previous roll. By pulsating I mean it comes and goes at consistent fast intervals - its there - it fades out - it's there again Can't post a clip as its for a major label and the material is unreleased. Has anyone seen this before? Im just trying to avoid it in the future. Im assuming its the age of the stock - and possible mishandling but could it also be camera related? Thanks
  5. I've got 1 roll of 8622 64D it's not 20 but let me know if this can help you out. Stored properly - shot on it a tear or so ago.
  6. Thanks Mitch I tested both eyepieces. Seating correctly did solve the issue of the entire GG lines in focus I tried rotating the eyepiece and nothing happened - the other part can't rotate Depending on how put on the eyepiece is how the lines are shifted - one way its shifted upwards the other way downwards. In a nutshell my center hash marks are not in the center. Im assuming they are supposed to be I have shot this way and I believe its just a little misframed the footage was sharp I'll send it off to be looked at.
  7. Mine has a tab that lays on the black strip that is on top of the ground glass https://static1.squarespace.com/static/568dc93a40667a4dbfc26713/t/57b8f1c59f7456e36f28936b/1471738328158/?format=1500w
  8. The metal tab that rests on the top of the ground glass is not attached to the ground glass. - is that the issue? Should it be attached with glue?
  9. AATON XTR SER1352 As time goes by my Ground Glass is no longer centered in the frame it has slipped downward as I look into the eyepiece. Is there something I can do to adjust it "upward" I have also noticed that when the top line of the ground glass is in focus the bottom is a little out. Is there an easy way to adjust the ground glass back to factory setting without sending it away for service? I have a shoot this Tuesday and I'd like to fix it if possible Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Carl, Shooting on film is addictive as a director, it's the best way I know to sharpen your skills by default. It's just amazing and a shame more people don't do it. Thanks for watching
  11. IdeaStorm Media in Miami http://www.ideastormmedia.com
  12. Thanks Chris I should mention 5 hrs total filming and 600FT of film total. I'm really hooked on this kind of filmmaking..the sub 5 min short... on film
  13. Thought I'd post a short film I finished a short while back. I wanted to text a batch of 64D I had in the fridge while working with a new DP and lab. (Video and Film Solutions, Rockville, MD). Rather than film a roll,of my hometown I adapted a dream my friend had into a quick micro short film about the end of the world. Really pleased with the outcome and don't know why more shorts aren't filed inSuper 16. Tech info: Aaton XTR ZEISS Super Speed MKI FUJI 64D Lab and transfer: Video and a Film Solutions Thank you for watching
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