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  1. Upon some further examination- it looks like the aperture on my lens (kern switar poe bayonet) when all the way closed down, has a leak around the outside the edge of the iris. It looks like a large "c" inside of the lens. Is it possible that this is what the problem is? In the dunes I was all the way closed down, but in the graveyard I was at f8 or so, reducing the gap around the iris diaphragm... either way, looks like I need some major repairs... not to mention the registration jiggle. thanks!
  2. I shot some test rolls for a recent project and the first roll had a strange washout through the whole roll. Anyone have any idea what it might be? Look at the weird ghosting that happens at 1:48. nHowever, notice that the second roll (graveyard) didn't have the issue.... any ideas? Also, do you think the jittering frame issues might be resolved with smoothcam in final cut? thanks! http://www.vimeo.com/5413997
  3. why are you guys still talking about all this? .....it's obviously bigfoot
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