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  1. Hello everyone, I'm about to shoot my first feature on the Red next year and the director wants to do some test shots with the camera, actors and locations so we can set the 'look' of the scenes on the Red profile. I own the camera, tripod and laptop and It's only for a couple of days (I think, I hope) and I was wondering if there are any special conditions / terms or rates for doing test shoots? Do I charge them my usual fee? I'm a bit careful with this because I don't want to demand money and scare him off because I'm dying to shoot a feature. I've only worked on shorts, music vids and tvc's that didn't have time for test shoots so this area is a bit new to me. Thanks in advance. :) Mark
  2. Hi Steve, My apologies :) it seems it seems that's constant thing with me when I ask for advice... not enough info. It is a festival piece and I do want a high contrast look but I would prefer to keep or even exaggerate the grain of it. We have a good set of lights (kinos, redheads, blondes, dedos) most of the scenes will be shot indoors while 2 scenes will be shot at night (wide shot of a desert town) I might just shoot that during the day then manipulate that in post to look like night (overcast pls.) It's interesting what you said about shooting it in color and desaturate because I do want the option to do a transfer - any suggestions on what film stock if I do go this route? Sorry if I still haven't provided enough information and thanks for the advice and the patience :) Regards, Mark
  3. Hey guys, I'm about to start pre-prod on a short film that we all thought, given the content of the story, would be best to shoot on 8mm. black and white. I haven't got much experience with film or film stocks and I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Most of the film is about trying to capture the look and feel of a nightmare and we really like the other-worldly look of 8mm (given the proper lighting, sets etc.) Thanks in advance :)
  4. I've had some bad experiences working with first time directors and usually the problem is that they don't know what they want or they can't communicate what they want for the shot. I ask them what the shot is about and they tell me 'oh, I want a close-up' but what I wanted to know about is what the shot's emotional context so I can give advice on whether we should shoot it in a low angle, a high angle, tracking etc. Once I know the director doesn't really know what he's doing I try to give suggestions and maybe that's why some of them think I'm trying to take over. Some directors know the context of the entire script and these are ones I can work well with (and trust) because instead of us trying to guess what each one is trying to achieve we're passing ideas back and forth trying to get what the goal of the shot is. Ridley Scott said (this may not be his actual words) 'when you're a director, you direct, you don't muck around' Anyways, these are all just my opinions and observations from my experiences. Obviously it's hard to trust a director who doesn't know what he's doing.
  5. Fantastic job. Great colours, great composition, the editing can be a tad smoother but that's only if you're really looking for something to criticize on. And how awesome is the RED cam? If I didn't know better, that vid looked like it was shot on 35mm film. Keep up the good work!
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