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  1. Yes I chose those frame rates on the R5.
  2. Hi everyone, I was on a shoot recently with my bolex R5, and I was shooting a lot of over crank (48 and 64 fps). The shoot was in Germany and the lighting was both tungsten and HMI (I think, it was a massive stage) and now I'm nervous about flicker. Does anyone know if I'm going to have flicker at those frame rates under 50Hz lighting? thanks! - Mike
  3. Thanks John! Have you ever used Cinepostproduction or Media City Lab in Berlin?
  4. Hi Guys! I'm looking for a lab, preferably in or around Amsterdam, that processes 16mm. Any ideas? Technicolor told me they don't do it anymore. Thanks for your help. - Mike
  5. Hey Guys! I have a shoot coming up where I would like to mimic an actor falling from the sky via green screen. I am curious about body harnesses. I guess my main two questions are: Does anyone know any brands / rental houses that carry that kind of equipment? How difficult is it to key out the wires that are holding the actor up? Thanks! - Mike M
  6. Hey Everyone, I have a pseudo "package truck" in the states and I'm want to move to Canada with it. I'm just worried that I will have to pay a lot in import taxes. Do you know what it is needed to cross the border? Carnet? Thanks for the help! - Mike McLaughlin
  7. Do you know what they were called?
  8. Hey Guys, I would love to have a critique on my first RED Music Video. Shot in Vancouver Jan/09. http://www.vimeo.com/4795578 We shot 4k, with Zeiss 2.1 Primes. Thanks!! - Mike McLaughlin
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