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  1. FOR SALE: 2 factory sealed 1000' reels of Kodak Vision 200T 5274 3200K 35mm film (https://www.cinematography.net/Files/V200T.PDF) 20 cans of various lengths and stocks of 35mm film, each 200' or less. Asking $800 for all of it. It's available for pickup in Los Angeles. Also willing to ship at recipients expense
  2. Ok, so this is probably falls into the total newbie side of things as far as technical questions go, but I own a 7D and I keep reading all over the place about the 5D being "superior" for capturing video because of it's full frame sensor. However, isn't 1920 x 1080 the same no matter which sensor you're capturing it on? I am aware of the 1.6 magnification of the APS-C sensor, so admittedly you lose a bit as far as super wide focal lengths, but a little basic math and you can compensate for this discrepancy. So with that said, anyone have an answer on this? Thanks BC
  3. Martin Scorsese and Michael Ballhaus David Lynch and Peter Deming (Lost Highway and Mulholland Dr.)
  4. Hi there - I just recently purchased a 7D after working on a couple of shorts with them. Great camera for the indie shooter in my opinion (and getting better with the new Zeiss compact primes). So here's my question, can anyone steer me towards an affordable follow focus unit for these cameras? I am student so I dont have a ton of money to burn, but feel like this is a necessary piece of gear for these cameras to get really professional results. Thanks to any info any of you can pass on to me. Ben Cross
  5. Hello all - Can anyone out there suggest a good resource for vintage gear for the Arri II B? I am particularly looking for a flat base motor. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Ben
  6. Ben Cross

    Arri 2b

    Hi all - I just purchased an Arri 2b and was wondering if anyone might have any advice on where to find accessories for it? I am in Los Angeles but am happy to mail order. I am looking for a battery specifically. Also looking for a manual. PDF or paper, doesn't matter to me. Any suggestions? thanks to anyone who can lead me in the right direction! Ben
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