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  1. You said you are in a foreign country. This does bring some questions to your question. How we do it in the states is one way. How its done in England say is another. The camera operator reports to the DIRECTOR and not the DP. I have worked in France and they have a whole different way of working also. They have "camera grips" and some other things that are different than working on a set in the states. What your duties are vary from country to country has been my experience. my 2 cents.
  2. Probably have done your shot by now or perhaps not. Lightning Strikes is a great unit to do lightning. You need alot of power to do it though. I learned a very interesting trick on an AutoZone commercial. Like the post above it uses shutters. Here a little more info on how it can be done one way. It still runs so you might catch it one day. Its raining at night. Lady comes in to get wiper blades. AutoZone employee goes out into the rain with yellow raincoat to install them. There's not any Lightning Strikes units in that scene. The cost of the second generator needed to run the strikes was not in the budget. I think the lightning looks pretty good for a trick. 5k HMI (could have been a 12k its been several years) three Hi Boys with lollypop grip heads. 1 large unit used to cover up a fan (used in homes and in a factory that allow you to open and close the vents when not in use). Rig vent to lollypops safely 1 man on a ladder with a grip on the vent control rod and give it the old up and down motion as fast as you can. The person that will have to do this over and over, well be prepared for the jokes that will come their way from the crew. :lol: flags would be really hard to do fast enoughIMO PS. Just notice the signature by itshoots. This wouldn't be don't let that Silver Bullet hit me on the headm Jeff Tanner would it.
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