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  1. Hi there, i used this book before during my last semester, might help you (or might not) Author- Michael Rabiger by the way, i am doing a thesis about film this semester...any recommendation of topics? or any websites to introduce to me? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, all the while i have been learning about video and digital camera....codec and others now i wish to learn more about - film cameras, film formats like Super8, 16 and 35mm, aspect ratios and also film characteristics... of course to cover about how to choose film stocks by knowing their light sensitivities, how to control aperture,iso, shutter etc..., brand names - it is hard to find specific information on the internet...and i know cinematography.com have introduced a collection of books that are suitable to newbies..can someone guide me on choosing which are the best fit of what i have mentioned above? or can anyone guide me on how to find directly on the internet? Thanks first!!!
  3. Brian is right too...bodybuilders do combine both bodybuilding and fitness...to be big and ripped...however, a good cameraperson doesn't need to be ripped..haha..backpack running can be effective according to Brian.. so train smart and also adaptation is important as well..
  4. In addition, i agree with Matthew and Michael Most Film is still very much alive compared to digital and i believe it will last...it is the matter about the quality...video- look or film- look..if you observe closely..film does has some kind of "feeling"..i don't know how to explain that...you gotta feel it... for video in digital especially HD ....it has its power as well.. For Mike's opinion, experiment with whatever he has written in his space... Cinegraphy!!!!
  5. Hi Thambi, I'm glad that we are( not only both us) in the same interest...however you sound like you need a lot of practical..i loved bodybuilding last time but now cinematography...well, i realize many pros from ASC are not in the field of film , some even have studied engineering and medicine if i have not mistaken (watched from documentary) I'm a self-learner too... i learn from Wiki most of all...ask people..until i have found this website, a superb forums and i have learnt a lot here...watch reels from Youtube... trying to shoot from my prosumer camcorder...and you know this book? Sight, sound and motion by Zettl Herbert... it's a great book! Get it... and of course APPLICATION from what you have read INTO YOUR WORK... I'm not a pro...i'm just student from a cheap coll..haha Have fun in Cinegraphy!!
  6. I'm a student and also a bodybuilder... used to think like you...doing workouts to improve for handling heavy camera..in my opinion workout do help but you don't have to make those workouts bodybuilding-like.... all you have to do is to load weights heavy enough to a barbell...load it behind your neck and walk back and forth for stamina...also..do some squats ....better than just training your lower back alone for the benefit of your leg... for shoulder, pick a good weight...for couple of sets with 5 slow repetitons and 2 power-pauses( for about 10 sec each, complete the pause by lifting weights up)... The last...is to be accustomed...i handled small and big cams b4 ...honestly, even a small one can be tiring if you are carrying it for a whole day or extended hours...however, after 2 to 3 days, you will be quite steady... my first and second days of big cam were shaky...
  7. I did the same as well on my previous project few months ago... a man was buying a necklace in an antique shop, the necklace as a cursed object...i crossed the line between the seller and buyers.. time- concious... during editing, i asked the editor to put some chanting in the background together with a shot JUST on the necklace while their conversations carried along... AND then shifted to the mistakes...but i din let each shot carried for few seconds one after another or else could be noticable....the editor made few cuts instantaneously while their conversation still in normal continuity... the result came out just fine although it was a bit weird With purpose and meaning...the rule could be ignored i guess....or else just insert some cutaways or inserts...or shoot some 'smiling', 'nodding' or some kind of expressions in ECU shots which i'm not so into them...
  8. Thanks Ziryab! you totally have answered my questions... and Thanks Adrian for additional info.
  9. A lot of reviews about RED cam say that it records in RAW files? And yes, on the LCD.. it does show the information about technical adjustments during shooting But how bout the output of the visual after transferring into the computer? Is RAW means we can only see the adjusted visual on the LCD during production ? but the recorded visual are plain not according to those adjustments like gain, aperture, shutter, brightness etc... Thanks...
  10. Malaysia uses Pal...but now testing on DVB-T ....is this conversion gonna affect those cameras which have been bought that support PAL format? or worse, are those cameras would be unusable after DVB-T conversion? Thanks.
  11. i have transferred Hd files (M2ts files) from sr-12 camcorder by using the sony PMB to a folder...and have registered the folder as 'Viewed" i've tried on two laptops one laptop showed those files were playable by "realplayer" but stucked half way..each and everyone... another laptop showed those M2ts files unplayable as those icons indicated "RAW" and i had to "Open With" a player...i've tried....but still unplayable... last step..i've converted them into Mpeg but normal video converters... but the quality dropped! My Qs are: 0) Did anyone experience this before using AVCHD and M2ts? 1)are my laptops unable to support AVCHD video? even if i open them by AVCHD player..those videos appears black and white, greenish and brownish.... 2) do i need a good editing software for rendering them into HD rather than normal video converter? Sounds long winded...but i think not a prob for reading by those experienced...btw...sorry for my bad English Hope anyone could help me... Thanks a bunch!
  12. Thank you very much! Cheers, Wai
  13. Thanks! Btw, could you please tell me the usage of the Director's Finder? I'm a student in broadcast communication and i wish to learn more... :)
  14. Thanks for the information!! I'm still learning for a few months by now. Btw... is the RED supports a full HD?
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