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  1. Welllll... just a few... I see that your address is Buenos Aires... are you living here? Cheers, Guido
  2. Hi Iga (or Mikler?), I´m Guido from Buenos Aires. I can give you all the data you need. A good place to get the gear you wish to rent is Alfavision, you can check equipment and price list in their web page. I may introduce you to the place, they know me well. There´s a bigger one, Camaras y Luces (actually the 4th or 5th rental house in the world for its size!) but probably more expensive; there are also a few smaller rental houses, you may try AJAF and Handgrip. There are two labs: Cinecolor (the big one) and Stagnaro (the small one), both can provide transfer too. Send more details on when are you coming, what crew do you need, etc. and I give you more info. You may PM me if you wish, it´s OK for me. Guido
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