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  1. Olá galera.. aqui Llano.. disfrutando da luz em BH... abraços
  2. Fala Rodrigo... beleza.. da um toque e a gente compartilha alguns dados... abraço llano
  3. The test was run under tungsten light in a studio environment.. Today I did several test with a Red and the filters show the same tendency but softer... ll.
  4. Hi guys.. here two comparative pics .. one with Schneider ND9 and the other with out any filter... thanks again llano
  5. Hi everyone. I'd just finish a resolution test for the Panasonic HPX-300 and also a test for my new Schneider Nd's The surprise at the end of the day wasn't the more or less resolution that camera+lenses bring but the awful Magenta color that Schneider Nd's put into the image.. I decide to choose for this ND series because good experiences in old works and because a cinematographer option in term of what kind of image I want to create. Before I like that bluish-little greenish tone that add, easy to correct but also kind of beauty. Now the images turn Magenta, like using a minus green 2.. anybody have some experience with that? Is the Schneider Nd change in the last time? Is this camera more sensible to some pigments in the filters? Thanks Llano.
  6. I think that Che is a really good way to show how Digital capture could be pushed in many different ways to tell a history. Probably we will find a lot of pros and cons about the look of the movie but I feel that this is a good example about how digital works by it self, without any pretensions to equal film. The only thing that I miss was more density in the blacks... probably was just an issue related to the distribution copy of the movie for the LatinAmerican market. In a very personal perspective about the look. I agree about the highlight clipping is distracting but understandable.
  7. Diving in the camera room in the Film School of Chile, were I teach, found a couple of short end of 5248. We used it without any compensation just to see how the time could degrade a film stock. We shot a simple dolly exercise in one of the school patios.. The image finally was really impressive. Deep blacks, saturated colors and clear definition.. the Iso rate wasn't a problem at all.. I just find some magenta shift in medium to shadows areas.. but nothing so important for at least 10 years of regular to bad storage condition. all the best Rodrigo
  8. Tim.. what about to include South America as a sub forum in order to connect the spanish cinematography world that sometimes have some problems to explains theirs ideas in other lenguages. rodrigo
  9. Santiago, Chile.. Or just South America instead? A lot of people comes to any of these country to shoot and sometimes we need some more efficient kind of networking to help us.. Rodrigo
  10. Hi all.. Somebody have experiences with Fujinon HAe 12x9.5 zoom lense? how the lens response in whole focal length? also I'm wondering if Chrozsiel mattebox 805-02 fix on it, or I'll probably need a 6x Mattebox? Best regards Rodrigo
  11. Hi all. I'm in the prep for a documentary to be shoot late december - january over Varicam with (hopefully) digi primes to be blow up to 35mm for theatrical releases. Now I'm looking for recommendations of labs-post productions houses in NYC that doing this job and some advices in camera setting in order to get the best quality as possible. I'll shoot some test early december specially to get the contrast - color saturation and definition that we want , but always is welcome a good start point. Thanks in advance Rodrigo
  12. Hey OLIVER.. Please use your complete name on your comments as an ettiquete rule. regards Rodrigo
  13. as always.. Less is more... Rodrigo
  14. hey patrick thanks.. to handle the P2 cards information we used a portable store drive panasonic AJ-PCS060G with some extra cares. we decided to put in camera 1 card each time to prevent divided clips and to know exactly where the clip are and write it down in the clapper. We used 120 4g cards for this series downloading all the information in the store during the day to be finally download in a Hard Disk at the end of the day. The advantages of this system is the don't generate any noise compared with the 100G FS-100 disk cooling system. If you have 8G or 16G card will be easy to handle.. To make a second back up you could burn a DVD (4G card) or a HD DVD for the 16 G.. Matte Box was an invaluable gear in our side. Be sure to use an filter holder Matte Box like Chrozsiel's, other that just put the filter in are very slow and difficult to use.. Be careful with the back reflections. A good focus puller will save your life, specially if you'll decide to work in really wide aperture like me ( the closest was F 2.8) If you will use jib or steady systems take care of the sensibility of this because of the weight of the camera. Some this helpful gears could become a headache.. Check your images through component output , is the best way in this camera. You could control your focus with more accuracy . best regards Rodrigo
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