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  1. Included: • 5590 Speed Lock CF HD Tripod • 7007 Mid-Level Spreader • 7004 Rubber Feet (x3) The tripod is in good condition, and the legs extend and retract with ease. It includes the mid-level spreader and feet which are all almost new. The only small issue is that the carry handle is damaged as you can see in the photo (they always seem to break on these things). If you'd like, I can even remove the handle for you. Located in Phoenix, but willing to ship within the US if the buyer pays to ship. $1500
  2. Sachtler Cine 30 HD fluid head, Sachtler 150 EFP 2 CF 150mm carbon fiber tripod, and Sachtler heavy duty floor spreader. The head carries up to 77 pounds, which is incredible, but It's not a capability that I need anymore. It includes a rolling tuffpak tripod case and custom padded hard case for the head. The head also has a viewfinder extension adapter and a front box adapter. It has normal wear and tear as you can see in the photos, but the tripod is in perfect working order. I just went through all of the drag settings to make sure that they engage properly and have the appropriate drag, and the counterbalance steps all function flawlessly as well. The pan and tilt brakes engage and hold the head firm. The bubble level works as you can see in the photo. The only small condition item of note is that the tripod leg safety cord that ties the legs together when being transported has the plastic clip broken. $5000 USD, or $5400 if you'd like me to swap out the floor spreader for a mid leg spreader with feet. I'm located in Phoenix, AZ and willing to ship if the buyer covers shipping and half of the Paypal goods and services fees.
  3. Hi David. Some of the visuals of the piano destruction look very nice. I really like the closeup destruction shots, but I didn't feel compelled to keep watching the video. It just didn't engage me personally. It feels like it takes a little too long to get started when the girls reach the piano and are prepping to destroy it. Maybe if the intro were a little more mysterious and drawn out, that could have helped. Like if the first visual was a close up of the axe heads dragging over the leaves, then we see these girls that look angry walking through a field like they're going to murder someone... Then surprise! They're taking their rage out on a random piano! You get the idea. Just something to create a little more intrigue in the beginning to get viewers invested with their curiosity. As it sits now, we see the girls, axes and piano in the opening shot. It almost immediately registers what's going to happen, but then it takes 45-seconds to happen. This is just a personal preference, but it would be nice to have more closeups focusing on the girls while they're swinging at the piano. When the destruction is happening, it's just so focused on the piano. I don't know what the girls are feeling or why they're even doing this. Making the video more focused on the people (especially at the earlier part of the destruction) might have helped to create more connection with viewers. Just my two cents.
  4. FS: Sachtler 5390 heavy duty carbon fiber tripod. It features a 100mm bowl, and it supports up to 210 lb. It also includes the heavy duty floor spreader. This tripod weighs just a little bit more than the standard Sachtler CF tripod, but it’s WAY stiffer with it’s beefier legs. It's in great condition, but it does have scratches which are to be expected with a used tripod. The built in handle at the top of the tripod is in rough shape as you can see in the photo, but other than that, it’s functioning perfectly. Asking $1500 Located in Phoenix, but willing to ship within the US if the buyer pays with Paypal and covers shipping.
  5. Boom pole, shock mount and blimp sold. ME66/K6 Shotgun mic w/ Rycote softie still available. Asking $250.
  6. For Sale: Sennheiser ME66/K6 Shotgun Microphone (SN 106219) and power supply w/ Rycote Softie, Rycote InVision INV-7 HG MkIII shock mount, and K-Tek Avalon KE-89CC boom pole with internal coiled cable: $420 obo Rycote S-Series Blimp - Suspension/Windshield: $300 • 450mm overall length • Compatible with long shotgun microphones from 355mm to 410mm • Compatible mics include the Sennheiser MKH 70, Neumann KMR 82, Azden SGM-2X Long, Audio Technica AT 835b, AT 815ST, AT 4071a, AKG CK98 SE300 B, CK8 460, CK8 451, and more. Everything is in excellent condition and has been used normally without abuse. Located in Phoenix, but willing to ship within US if buyer pays shipping.
  7. Okay, thanks. I don't think I want to mess around with getting them reblocked, so they're not for me. I might be interested in the Oconnor head. Hopefully you can get the photos posted.
  8. While it looks to be a really great price for what you get, you have to remember it's made by Blackmagic. They don't have a great track record as far as I'm concerned, and they've let me down more than once with buggy equipment. Also, it doesn't have basic professional features that I would expect in a camera. For one, it only outputs video with HDMI or USB, so no thanks. And while it records ProRes internally, it only records ProRes up to 4K. If it does turn out to be a stable and reliable camera, I'm sure it will work out to be great for a lot of lower-budget stuff, but I'm not sure it's broken the game or that it killed every RED camera as you mentioned. I think it might be a little bit of a step up from something like a GH5s. Just my opinion.
  9. What you consider to be a small patch of street might be different than what I consider to be a small patch of street. Even if you're shooting on a narrow side street, but you're shooting down the length of the street, you may have a difficult time keeping the length of road wet on your own with a small crew on a no-budget shoot. On the other hand, if you're shooting across a narrow street and only about 40-50' of width would be visible, you may be able to accomplish this if you have access to water on site. I might ordinarily recommend a water truck for this purpose, but considering your budget I would consider forgoing it. Do you have a permit to shut down the street for the shoot?
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