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  1. What kind of SDI cable? Do you know the brand and the bandwidth rating? They're not all created equal, and if they're cheap cables that could certainly be it.
  2. I’ve shot on the 7Q/7Q+ recorders a ton and I have rarely had issues with them. I lost picture in two scenarios. First was a radio interference issue with an unshielded cable. The other time happened when I wiggled the cable much like with what you’re experiencing. So far it’s always turned out to be the cables fault for me. What kind of cables are you using? Did you try both SDI inputs on the 7Q?
  3. I've used the CP2s on a few occasions, and I can attest to seeing fringing and noticeable softness when wide open. Stopping down a little made it all go away.
  4. Hi Varun, I have only used the 702 once before. I didn't love or hate it, but I believe it only takes up to a 1080 input, so that could be very limiting. I have had the extreme displeasure of using multiple Atomos monitor/recorders. They've always felt off to me, and I hate the scopes on the monitor. I have never been confident in shooting with them. In a similar price range, I would highly recommend the Odyssey 7Q/7Q+. You can usually find them reasonably used, and they are a fine piece of equipment (once you learn the menu structure). I love the scopes included on the Odyssey and the adjustability that lets you see even the most subtle nuance. You can load tons of your own LUTs on and I've always been really happy with the look of the monitor. David
  5. New music video. Ultra budget, so I was forced to produce, shoot, and edit. Shot in 1-day. Cut and color in about a week. All things considered, I think that it turned out great. Let me know what you think. http://tunelab.com/2009/09/03/echoes-the-f...eak-away-video/
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