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  1. I like the D1 a lot, but it is no good outside. One of the higher end Lecia's or Hiltis that have a range finder or camera would be better for outdoor work.
  2. I'd love any comments or critiques on this latest music video I shot. Specs: ARRI Amira 4k 60fps or 2k 200fps Canon CN-E Primes Let me know if you have other specific questions. Thanks! DI
  3. Agree with Chris and Aapo above. Bright colored golf tees. Bright enough for people to see them, but can be set below the grass line so camera can't see them.
  4. Ultralight style arms are awesome, as they tend to be able to take a lot of weight. I also recommend having a baby pin adapter (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1046652-REG/matthews_350625_baby_pin_adapter.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAiAp5nyBRABEiwApTwjXt5Z6eJhACgwPlPIQwwn81V0_CRWWkr_4QurGF2rPEi0pwVvYMBy0BoCw0QQAvD_BwE) and a nano clamp (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1155179-REG/manfrotto_386b_1_nano_clamp.html) around.
  5. I started with a belt pouch, then in the last year switched to a chest pouch. I found that when I had a 2nd AC, lots of the stuff I had in the belt, (tape, soft tape, marks) the 2nd would have with them. I also found that it was getting heavier with more gear, and then I had to tighten the belt which would start to hurt my hips. The chest pouch got me down to the essentials. I currently have the basic Setwear one, I want to swap to the Conterra one when this one dies. But I have got in it; a sharpie, dry erase marker, black and white china pencils, pen, flashlight, multitool, and my Leica rangefinder. Much more comfortable to have than in the belt pouch.
  6. Practice Practice Practice. Judging distances is key. Especially when your monitor dies on you haha. The main exercise I use is to get my rangefinder (Leica D1, https://www.amazon.com/Leica-DISTO-Distance-Measure-Bluetooth/dp/B01M5CW7CT). Sit on my couch and pick random points or object in my living room and dining room. I guess the distance and then check it against the rangefinder. Take 5min a day to it.
  7. Thank you very much Alexander! I really appreciate all of your comments! To answer some of your questions, It was clean filtration, using a RED Scarlet-W. Excellent point with the filtration ideas. It was shot on Canon CN-E primes and a Zeiss 50mm macro. For lighting, it was a Skypanel S60 for key light, tuned to tungsten. A floppy for negative fill, a pancake LED as a topper, and then a couple S4s for hair/back edge light. Aveda really likes the hair to pop. And if I may ask you a few other questions. -What are the qualities of Angeniuex lenses that you think make beauty shots pop? -Does dialing back the green in the Skypanel help with the green skin tone issue you discussed? Or is there something deeper, inherent in the LEDs that there isn't much you can do about? And the pancake LED, I don't remember what brand that was, but it is a thin flex panel style so there may be a large quality difference between that and the Skypanel. Thank you again for all your comments! DI
  8. I have been doing some shooting for Aveda, and would love some critiques and suggestions on how this work. One main note, I did not do, or have any involvement in color. Thanks! DI
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