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  1. I really hate the medical world,but I should say my father in now with me in spirit form... I always wanted to do a documentary on my father after he got me 5d mark 2...My father was a great person and makers of a fine performing arts center in India..I have 2 questions 1 I had alwaysaccess to a studio like enviornment with arri 2c,What If my access is stopped,how do I get hold of a 35mm film camera? Is rening the only option. 2 I want to make a simple documentary on youtube or vimeo about him,I feel sad that I couldnt take interviews by him but how can I use still photos,some video clips,and music to create a video about him.Should I narrate the Incidents of his life and work?
  2. I spotted a old bell and howell 16mm camera in India...It looks dusty and dont know if lens is working.but is it a worthy camera to buy? how much should it cost? the bell and howell says it will repair any vintage products in its website
  3. I am thinking of buying a sekonic lightmeter for my hasselblad..It has incident and reflective for ambient light..can I use this for arri 2c cine?
  4. stop posting,,,skyfall was crap end of story...
  5. kaminski should get for lincoln(although I feel MUNICH was more deserving)
  6. by the way ARGO was a better movie..and a real tribute to cinema, it shoots digital,35mm,16mm and even 8mm blown up on screen with grain
  7. I was wondering for 1080p footage can you do good colour grading in iMovie mac? what about davinci lite?
  8. I dont get I mean my opinion on skyfall is one in a million.if people don't have something nice to say why cant they just ignore these topic.I just personally feel that bond movies were so much good with the 90s goldeneye,tommorow never dies..even casino royale was a good bond movie.. but I feel skyfall is a good movie but not a good bond movie...maybe the writers are running out of ideas and locations.. I might have a opinion on the movie but that doesnt mean arrogant people like gregg get to use bad language and talk about me.they are the ones inflaaming the issue. digital is good,film is great. both have there purposes..but If digital fanboys think that they can kick out film out of this world forever are dead wrong.. thats what religion fundamentalist do they think THERES is always superior..
  9. my tone wasnt aggressive,but ripping of somebodys rearend is as insulting as a insult to humanity...even if its a joke...only a provocation can lead to anger
  10. dont worry I will cover you from that deakins(old man) fanboys...BANG BANG(munich style) see they are all dead...your safe now
  11. isn't bluray 1080p? whats your opinion on ultraHD will that come into scene sooner
  12. that video was amazing,music so soothing for the soul like a philosophical walk in the forest. I wish i had a super 16 camera here in India
  13. I have a 5d mark 2 and I am quite happy the way i can make HD videos and documentary by it...but I have a love for film,is 16mm or super 16mm really good for the internet world like vimeo,youtube..will these websites compress the quality..Is 1080p transfer good?
  14. I became a kaminski fan since I saw munich and saving private ryan...I admire him because he does so much in the film...I read somewear he still doesn't prefer DI and likes to do photchemical process
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