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  1. The head of the Cinematography program teaches in NY, I don't know who teaches over in the LA campus, but I know they had a few problems earlier this year. But I just finished studying in the NYC campus, and it was great. But from what I heard LA isn't doing so good right now in general, NY isn't perfect either. Atleast you don't need a car here.
  2. Hey, i'm going to be shooting a film this May. After talking with the director, we're going to shoot a movie that takes place in the 70s, and we want to make it real stylish. We want something along the lines of this: http://www.vimeo.com/5863422 I want that old school look, I want it to have that overblown blue/green look. We are going to be filming on 16mm Negative (7219) since we have a bunch of extra rolls of it. All exterior shots, and in only daylight. So far this is what we're planning on. We're going to color process the film. throw on some 85b (since we have tungsten balanced film) Overexpose (not sure by how much yet) to get a more blown out look. I know there's some tricks we can do in post to achieve the look, but I want to do as much as I can at the shoot. Any tips on the color processing, or ways to get that certain look? Should we get a softing mist filter? Any help or advice would be awesome.
  3. It's very hands-on. We do a lot of projects, we get to be the dp on a thesis project to one of the filmmaking students, and we also get to do our own thesis films (we're recommended to bring in a outside director, but I like directing my own things). One of the good things about the program, is that only a few of the other projects have you using 35mm at all, we use it a lot. And almost no other school will teach you to shoot in Red, we get to shoot a few different projects on it (including our thesis film.) It's a 1 year course, which I think is enough, I have friends studying at NYU, and Colombia, there doing 4 year course, and they don't learn at the level we learn, or do they get the hands on experience. And come on 4 years?? You learn filmmaking through DOING, not through READING. but if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  4. Very true, I've read through this thread like if I was studying notes for a test. I am currently studying Cinematography in the NYFA, but I hope to apply to AFI next year. I'm still undecided if I should go for Cinematography, or Directing. I'm guessing I have a better chance with Cinematography though. I would love to hear from some more guys who are planning on applying.....Keep the thread going!
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