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  1. Friends having same problem when i using liliput monitor on my mark3 camera with hdmi cable
  2. hi all friends , give your sugetion about shadowless lighting when carectar near wall or in backgroun sofa near wall
  3. what is diffrent in shutter speed and shutter angle..and when we use shutter speed and when we use sutter angle i know verrywel abput shutter speed but i want know about diffrent ,thnx
  4. Hi my name is jaysingh Rajpurohit,now working as a chief cameraman in ahmedabad gujarat..having good knowlge about digital film making...contect +919898297066
  5. sir..you are right,but i have 12 years exprience about video../ also i know something about film cameras and row stock..i hd read many more about film teqnic..and from start my job..i hdnt any assis...and now im working as a chief cameraman..i hve good lighting and cameras practical exprience..so i dnt want assis any cinematographer..and when i start shott that time i will get good assistant who have good practical exprience... im powewrful cameraman....and i hope 1 day ill bcm work in hollywood... thank you sir
  6. helo sir im jaysingh rajpurohit working in india as a cameraman..having 12 years exp about all of video cameras includ hd.. but i want work on cinecamera....so i want know about row stock and thats tamprature...i dnt want go with assist to any cinematographer..so plz advise..
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