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  1. thanks for the input. Will probably go with the fs7 and have the gh4 on the drone fro now. And if I have a good year I'll get the RAVEN ;) thanks guys
  2. dear fellow(more experienced) cinematographers if you had the choice between buying the fs7 or fs5 with the Atmos for external 4k what would be your choice(price would be about the same at least here in Switzerland) I mean for just hd the fs5 is perfect when it comes to size(I own a ronin and a drone) and the picture is stunning but 4k is not acceptable. Fs7 is the whole package fot its price range. What would you recommend for someone that wants to be able to deliver very good 4k but also has to consider size and shoots a lot of project in HD? fs5 with Atmos, Fs7 with GH4 or... Thanks for your input Dan
  3. Hey Stephen what's up

    Awhile back you posted on my post about DP's in Switzerland and I was wondering how u do it. Are u a freelancer or do you work for TV?

    Thanks for the answer.

  4. ok after my last reel was ripped apart :unsure: I worked on my new one. I updated my reel and am now anxious what you think about this one. I tried to follow the advise you gave me and hope it turned out a little better. Let me know what you think thank you D.D.
  5. good points Adrian. Because the whole feel of the movie is a mix of comedy and a little horror I will try to get a more darker, scary dream sequence. After thinking about it the color would not be a good fit because he just found out that his hot neighbor is eating people and now he is dealing with that new fact in his dream. Und Alex haha a dwarf à la Living Oblivion;) Ich wünschte mein director hätte an das gedacht.
  6. Dear fellow Cinematographers I was just wondering how you guys approach lighting for a dream sequence? I have a shoot coming up with a nightmare scene where a guy dreams that his admired girl sleeps with his best friend and they eat him in the end. I was thinking getting some smoke(of course) in, a lot of different colors, wierd camera angles and movements. Or maybe instead of different colors just keep it very dark and mysterious, just highlight what's important. Do you guys have any specific tips of how to light for a scene like that? I apreciate your help D.D.
  7. yeah I can see how my intro might be a little too much for a cine reel. Will keep it simple next time!
  8. Thanks for taking the time Tom. I see what you mean and will defenetly change most of this reel. Especially the stuff that is too dark. Reasons why I chose some shoots was simple because I have not shot a whole lot yet but like you suggested I also will make it shorter so I can choose more carefully what shots will make it in the reel. I agree with everything but the music:) but that is a taste thing I guess. Everyone critiquing my reel said about what u said but you are the 1st one that doesen't like the music...;) Well anyway thanks again and I hope the next time you will have less to critque... D.D.
  9. It would be very helpful if you guys could kritque my reel. I'm still very inexperienced and was hoping with tips of you I could get better. Thank you so much! D.D. http://vimeo.com/20947242
  10. It would be very helpful if you guys could kritque my reel. I'm still very inexperienced and was hoping with tips of you I could get better. Thank you so much! D.D. http://vimeo.com/20947242
  11. my bad did not want to post this...
  12. Also am besten gar nicht zurück gehen oder mit genügend Geld für eigene Projekte;) Oder wenn zurück mit einem Auge richtung Deutschland gucken...
  13. What's up everyone I'm currently a student of cinematography and want to start looking for inernships in the beautiful city of LA. Are there any people out there who can help me to get my feet wet. I'm looking for pretty much everything on set or post production. I would be very thankful if you could refer me to sites and or only tips for a succesfull hunt. Thank you so much... Dan
  14. Hallo zusammen Ich wollte mich nur mal schnell erkundigen wie die Lage für DPs ist in der Schweiz. Ich studier momentan Cinematography in LA und hab mich gefragt wie die Lage in der Schweiz ist. Gibt es überhaupt eine Nachfrage für DPs? Es werden ja nicht sehr viele Filme gedreht. Vielen Dank für die Antwort
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