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  1. I can understand that things can go wrong during filming, you have to accept that. But things like not even having a location set up the day of filming is just sloppy and unprofessional
  2. The funny thing is, she ran B camera a lot of the days as well, which aggravated me even more. She should be focusing on the actors and not running camera. If she's running a camera, whats the point of having a DP?
  3. Ive done a lot of music videos that werent very organized, but i didnt mind because the directors knew what they wanted. When a director cant tell me what they want, I have to guess, which is even harder when I dont know the scene. I guess now is the time to learn and not further down the line when I might be wasting a studio's money right?
  4. This past spring/summer I shot my first indie feature, lets just say I didnt have the best time. The director was consistently unprepared. We never scouted locations, she never met with me to discuss scenes when i constantly asked her to. I never knew what scenes we were shooting until the night before. I also only ever saw the script twice due to constant scene rewrites. There were many times where I wanted to walk off the project. Was there anything I could have done to make this a better experience considering I had to do everything on the fly? What should the director have done?
  5. your right i did have it backwards. but i see what you mean.
  6. If you dont have a focus puller, couldnt you open up the aperture all the way so you have a deep depth of field, or shoot wide? I mean it would work for some shots but not the tracking ones.
  7. You dont want to be over confident about a project either, its good to have some anxiety
  8. Ive only been doing freelance for about two years. Most of the work I've done is music videos and documentaries. Ive done very little narrative work, which is why i didnt put any dialogue scenes
  9. this is impressive for any age, but especially for a teenager
  10. i would like some feedback. What do you think?
  11. another question, does it matter if some of the shots are cropped for widescreen and others arent?
  12. ok i'll rephrase that hahaha, should i include static shots as well?
  13. so for example if i put too many dolly or tracking shots that would be a bad idea?
  14. What types of shots do clients look for in demo reels? What should I include to sell myself as a cinematographer?
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