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  1. Someone told me that you cannot run fcp7 on new macs. is this true? Im a much better editor on fcp7 and its hard for me to change. If there is any way of doing this. Let me know! Cristan
  2. I am Shooting a rock band video and I am trying to see how this artist pulled off the dimming in and out of the two back lights used at 1:50 in this music video Also I am wondering what sources these might be and how they rigged up two of them to dim in and out at the same time. I am trying to do the same thing but instead of just back light hitting the artist i want it to reveal and fade away the remains members of the band. i think this look is cool so i want try and throw my own style on it. Anyone know what source this could be and how they rigged them up? Thanks!!!! Cr
  3. Some buddies and I just recently heard of a contest hosted by Rode microphones. The down side to it was the deadline was in 4 days from when we found out. So we threw together a short 4 page script and shot it and edited before the deadline. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it. I shot most of it and directed the film. The part that got us, was we did not have enough time to color correct and mix sound properly. Which is very important but simply we did not have enough time. Overall it was a cool test to see what I can produce with very minimal equipment with just friends as crew and
  4. These are some of the projects I shot from 2012-2013 in my final years of high school. It might look a little repetitive looking but that is because the films I shot happened to use a lot of the same actors. Tell me what you think, advice needed! https://vimeo.com/69437525 Sorry about the aspect ratio Mess-up! Cristian,
  5. Thanks Phil, I shot on the canon T2i with some ND for my 50mm, and a 17-50mm with no ND. For exposure, I just watched the built-in light meter on the camera and underexposed slightly, and set my my ISO around 400. For my shutter speeds, I did shoot at a higher shutter speed, but after shooting I realized I could have gone higher. thanks for the Reply Phil!
  6. Hey all, For my advanced video program at my high school we put on a daily news cast for the morning announcements that broadcasts to the school... On our first couple of shows we present our crew of that year in a short opening video. As my senior year it was my turn to be incharge of filming it. We shot it at Venice beach, California. But during the whole shoot I was getting hassled to be quicker because I was only given an hour and a half to film the entire project which only gave about to ten minutes for everyone's little segment. The people in the program also focus more o
  7. My high school just got back from dallas for a film competition and this is one of the projects we made out there. We had 16 hours to write produce and edit a short and had to use a specific prop. This is ungraded because there was simply no time, but I would love to get some feed back on my shooting. Keep in mind that I had very little time to light, and compose my shots. But I would like to know basically if I'm heading on a good track on becoming a cinematographer. Thanks, Cristian http://vimeo.com/39320165
  8. Hey guys, so I recently bought the Marshall 5 inch V-LCD50-HDMI to use with my t2i... But when I connect the HDMI cables and turn everything on it still says no final on the monitor... But one time my feed came through and everything worked well. But that was only once and the rest never worked... Help please thanks, Cristian
  9. This is a good video i enjoyed watching starring Dean Semler on firelight
  10. Hi all, I am 16 years old aspiring cinematographer based outside of L.A and I just finished my first reel ever. Its kind of like a double reel because on all of these projects I worked with the same director and we are kind of like partners so we just merged it together. All shot on DSLR's and no other formats :( Any feedback would be great thanks in advance
  11. Hey, I have been shooting digital for a while but my goal right now is to shoot some super16. But as a beginner to shooting on a film format, I need some pointers on stock, loading, processing, exposing, and a light meter to get. Also on a camera to get. I am thinking of getting a k-3 or a bolex. any suggestions on which camera to purchase? So if anyone has suggstions on how to start shooting on film would be great! Thanks in advance. Cristian
  12. Hey, I was wondering what are some of the best techniques and steps on cleaning lenses. What tools to be used, what to do and what not to do, and the techniques when actually cleaning the front elements of the lens. I have heard of many different techniques but some are very different from others, Thank you for you Time!
  13. Thanks Toby That is something I have never really thought about and is a great idea for me to do. Thanks a lot Cristian
  14. Thanks a lot Paul! this really helped me a lot... And Just recently I had a music video shoot where I rented out an arri light kit with some grip and electric stuff. I really felt i was learning by doing during this project. I actually got to shape the light and use it in a great way. I experimented with gels and diffusion on this also. And since I do live out in L.A and my dad is a Grip for some High budget movies like Green Lantern for example, he would let me watch then do what they do. And thank you so much for that video you posted. I love watching these types of video's. I have basi
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