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  1. thanks for your input on this. I guess there´s nothing to worrie about. If it looks good it is good. The agfa was really so much nicer than regular vision, clean and had a more expensive look if you know what I mean. But that´s my opinion yours may differ. andreas
  2. Hi! For an upcoming feature I made test to print on both kodak and agfa. First time with agfa for me and I was really surprised with the result. Kodak had much more grain in the overexposed areas. I thought agfa was a kind of low budget stock, but what I could see it was alot better. I even had the lab to dubble check that they hadnt mixed up the reels. Anyone with the same experience or comments on this? Do I dare to go with agfa! I will of course do another test when it´s time to do the prints. andreas
  3. Ok, this is getting a little to technical for me. What I understand red is 5000k and thats it, right. So when I shoot night scenes with alot of tungsten I ad a 80somthing filter to the camera and rate it somewhere 100asa to avoid a noisy image? just like you do if you for some reason shot 5205 at night. In that case it will be alot of tungsten lights. Why didn´t they build the camera for 3200k instead? so I could ad a 85 during daylight takes, makes much more sense in my world. But maybe my world is small and strange. andreas
  4. Erik. I shoot a 2perf feature last summer here in sweden with cameras and lenses from Solid entertainment. Contact me if you want to now more about it. andreas
  5. I won´t reject any camera or format. I welcome all new products. Different tools for different projects. Sometimes you need to shoot 35mm for the latitud and "beauty" and somtimes hd because you need a higher ratio or just like the look for that project. I just try to see all digital cameras and formats as different filmstocks. andreas
  6. David and Phil, Thanks! Always great and full information from you. Are guys superheroes? Can´t say I totally understand everything but I get the basic. I think I will continue to trust my eye and consentrate on the lighting and framing, leave the technical to the ones who know. 0K or 6K, If it looks good then I´m ok. andreas
  7. I´m really bad with all this technical stuff. But I get it, Red is not 4K. But how many K does the camera record then? 3K 2K or just 1K? Can someone of you please explaine how to do the maths. Andreas
  8. Must say as much as I respect Bale as an actor there are no excuse for in public go on like that. As David Mullen so well describe there are a lot of pressure at a filmset, but still, after being a dp at five features and ten tv-series I have never ever been close to something like this. A lot of pressure, sure, but this is smply to far out. I did like the 14year old thing, never thought about it before. Andreas
  9. Hi Bill! First I want to say that I live in pal country and I´m not a tech wizzard. But I´m shure you can fix this. If it´s shoot in 60p it looks like interlaced but with better resolution, right. If it was shoot interlace it would be simple to do a deinterlace to it, but as far as I know it´s alittle trickier to interpolate two full frames instead of as in interlaced two fields. Here in europe we shoot video at 50p or 25p so we don´t have to bother about the 3-2 pulldown, don´t know if this 3-2 will make it harder for you to convert 60p to 25/24p But I know it´s been done, so just relax and wait for someone who can explain the details. good luck andreas
  10. Using a collimator is probebly the best way, but I have done the same with just a siemens star with nice result. Not shure about it but i belive it´s a good idea to do the test at different distace aswell, like 1, 5, and 15meter. good luck
  11. i´m shooting a feature right now using a kinor with pl mount. The gear comes from Solid entertainment, and what I understand they did the conversion themselves from oct mount. Even the lenses I use are converted oct. the kinor is also updated with modern electonics. http://www.solidentertainment.se great stuff andreas
  12. andrew. It´s nothing wrong with ambitions. This is a really fun thread. Please continue to post your crazy ideas. One day you may do it for real. But as said, do a couple of shorts as well. good luck. andreas
  13. What can I say? This sounds like an interesting shoot. 60 cameras, are you for real? I´d love to be on your set. Had five 35mm cameras once, thought that was big. Is it gonna be highspeed as well? Good luck and money,.you need it!!!!! Andreas
  14. Hi Andrew! if you shoot 3 perf in super35 you will have the aspect ratio 1.78:1 With standard gate you will have 1.57:1, andreas
  15. Hi i´m in prep for a feature shot in 35mm with a 2k. Because of the tight budget the producer want to use the cinevator wich I have no experience with. I know it´s not as good as the arrilaser, but... Has anyone here done a test between the two or can anyone here who knows more inform me about how bad or good the cinevator is. I will of course as soon as possible do a test myself but need info know for discussions. Thanks Andreas
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