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  1. Shari, This is a hard subject to weigh in on with judgments because we dont know your son, but I will share my experiences of film school and maybe it will help. for the record I have NO ulterior motives at all, I have NO connection with my film school anymore. I went to the los angeles film school, it was a one year course with a professional certificate (it has been certified now so offers an associate degree in film now). It cost around 20,000 when I went. I didnt do any essays which was good for me, I like practical work, it sounds like your son does too so a practical school might be better than a degree course where he'll have to do other subjects/essays too. At LAFS I just shot from the first week to the last. On the whole I didnt really enjoy my experience at the school, but I did make the most of it...I left with a pretty strong reel (for a student) using which I got work immediately after leaving school....I have done well since then with work, but as other people have said its not that simple. Because work can be sporadic and unpredictable there is no straight trajectory in terms of success. One year you may have an awesome year and make a lot of progress shoot only 35mm features and win awards at festivals etc.. and the next year you might be back to shooting shorts on mini DV scraping by....not to say that's lightly but it happens a lot. Personally I think paying $70,000 for a school and having your son come out knowing the technicals but still having very little practical/professional experience seems to me to be a pretty big gamble. only 3 people (including me) from 30 in my film school class still work in film at all. I really do think if you are willing to spend $70,000 you may be better off buying him a sony EX3 camera and buying him many good cinematography books and sending him to a cheaper shorter more practical film school, that way he will have shot some projects and have a camera to keep learning with and to use on paid jobs when he leaves school. It all depends on your son, I just feel a degree doesnt really help when getting film jobs, as a DP personality/talent and demo. reel/past work speaks louder than any degree. Doing essays doesnt prepare you for film work, and it seems the schools that cost the most concentrate the least on practical experience. Hope this helps....good luck, and respect to you for supporting your son's dreams.
  2. I just did some more research online, from what I found the camera itself sells from between $150 to $350 (that seems high, but there was one for sale from a pretty reputable company for that much...without lenses). And the lenses seem to be worth between $30 to $70 dollars each...so my kit would be worth around $500 according to what I found on these sites.
  3. For everything....including the lenses??? I was lead to believe the the camera itself was worth around $200 and whole package was worth around $1,000 because the lenses where pretty hard to get hold of in good condition these days....maybe I was lied to : (
  4. Really nice!!! What was the music? the whole thing was not only visually impressive but touching in a way that I wouldnt usually expect from a demo reel...very well cut to the music. Good work.
  5. Here are the lenses I have with the camera: Kodak Cine Ektar prime lenses and viewfinder lenses for each lens plus various adaptors: 63mm f/2.0...15mm f/2.5...25mm f/1.4...102mm f/2.7 (Lumenized).....50mm f/1.9.
  6. Hi Guys, Since you are all K100 owners I was wondering If I could ask how much you think my K100 package is worth...I am trying to sell it..its in perfect condition and I have Kodak Cine Ektar prime lenses and viewfinder lenses for each lens plus various adaptors: 63mm f/2.0...15mm f/2.5...25mm f/1.4...102mm f/2.7 (Lumenized).....50mm f/1.9. Any input is appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Hi I have a kodak K100 16mm MOS non-reflex viewfinder camera with numerous prime lenses, I was told by the person who gave me the camera/lenses that they where extremely rare and he had to buy some of them as far away as Russia?? everything is in perfect working condition (I have shot with the camera once and the footage looked really good, the lenses give a very nice vintage look that you would expect from old lenses like these). Honestly Im still trying to figure out how much exactly the whole package is worth...so if anyone is interested I would be willing to listen to any reasonable offer. Photos available upon request. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I am looking to sell my Super16mm Aaton LTR 7 package: Converted to PL mount (converted by visual products), Internal B+W video tap (By visual products $3,600) two mags, two batteries, charger, iris rod adaptor (can be used with most accessories, unlike LTR's stock square rod), hand grip, Aaton to Arri Bayonet mount adapter, film changing bag, extra fuse, two pelican shipping cases. Was totally overhauled/upgraded by visual products including battery recelling, many parts where upgraded, made like new. I also had ground glass replaced and marked with additional 2.35:1 markings and the viewfinder upgraded by Abel cine LA. Camera is in mint condition and works flawlessly, Email for photos or with questions. I am looking for an offer in the region of $10,000. Thank you. tomas@fnvfilms.com
  9. Yeah I know what you mean, I guess I just meant that when using a Cam. as a deck you cannot use it to continue shooting, and the EX3 will be out of comission while downloading the cards, which is unacceptable to me. I also just realized I called you Steven in my other post David, for that I apologise, dont know what lead to that confussion, but thanks to you for your very helpful posts. I have been looking into it further and it seems most Cams dont come with the reader, even though on another topic on here I read someone saying they usually do. The reader is pretty pricey, I think at this point the EX3 seems the way to go (the detachable lenses, larger chips, 2/3" lense use w/adaptor is swaying me), the only issue is the cost which rises significantly with the reader and I would probably want to buy the 60G hard drive for the EX as well (260 mins of storage -depending on the setting). Do you have any experience using that drive or others with the EX? also I heard something about "flickering" on the EX, this issue is not limited to the EX by any means and can usually be fixed in camera using the shutter or similar functions (synchro scan/flicker free options on some cams) but I was wondering as someone who owns one, do you think the flicker issue is worse on the EX? is it harder to fix in cam than on other cams? Cheers.
  10. One more thing...I have found it hard to clear up if the EX1/3 comes with the card reader as standard usually, I dont have a laptop with the right slot so would need one, dont want to have to use cam as deck!
  11. I want to say to Steven thank you for posts like this, this is why I signed up on this sight in the first place, I havent been on here much recently because most threads end up getting hijacked with stupid internet "beef" back and forth nonsense! this is the stuff I want to see, nice one. Im thinking about getting an HVX or EX1/3 for documentary and non narrative art pieces, the info in this thread is all helpful. I shot numerous projects on the HVX and HATE the lense and focus ring!!! the EX detachable lense is a big plus, but I just wonder for me to cut my own footage on final cut on my IMAC will the P2 or XD cards/codecs end up being more convinient/yield better results. Also I use PL mount adaptors whenever possible, so not having to go the HVX relay route is very attractive, I much prefer to atach the adaptor directly!
  12. Right! I forgot to mention im shooting Super16.
  13. Hi, I am shooting ALL exterior project in the palmdale desert, various looks and times of day, one of the stocks im looking at is the Fuji Eterna 160 vivid, mainly because I might be able to get a good deal on some, has anyone used it, do you have images online and what did you think? Cheers.
  14. I used 5279 a bunch of times when I was a student because we got good deals on it at my school, I liked it so much I shot with it after I graduated on a few projects too. It is pretty grainy though, test it before you decide to push it, as I recall the colors arent too saturated which is a look I like.
  15. Thanks very much guys, Yeah these are all the problems I feared! the short spread of the focus marks would be a big issue, as would be getting a follow focus to engage the teeth on the lense! the breathing as Morgan said would probably be able to live with since we would have movement and action to hide it a bit, but the other issues make using these lenses for my purposes a VERY unwelcome prospect. I will try to convince a rental house to break up a set of Zeiss primes to give me an 85 (they dont really like doing that, especially on the weekend it seems!) the daily rental rate of the lens isnt the main problem, its the fact that the shoot has no insurance and rental houses usually want a massive deposit if you dont have insurance. Anyways I will make do no matter what, it may just take twice as long if we do end up using the EF. PS Morgan we would be using a standard follow focus, not remote (budget reasons again) another annoying factor since my AC is going to have a hell of a time staying out of the way of doors, actors the steadicam and still pull focus!!!! (I usually wouldn't accept this kind of situation on a shoot, but its a favor to a mate of mine). Cheers.
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