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  1. Hi thank you for your test,I think your monitor working in 60mhz,there have any option to change to 48 or 50mhz,then should be ok,But I am not sure.
  2. Thanks Ramesh,and Jean for your kind information
  3. Hi thanks Jean,how do you transfer to film,did you project in LED MONITOR then shoot with Film Camera?or DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE ?if you play in a LED monitor,then what kind of monitor did you use for that,then what kind of lens did you use in Film Camera,Prime or Zoom?please let me know about the detail,because I want to do in the experiment,thanks
  4. Sunil Prem

    5D MKII

    Hi, 5D M2 is a great camera,because you can record with 35mm still prime lenses with high ISO,Other thing is it is full HD,1080p camera,then if you want to more about this camera you can watch this video then u decide episode 3 u can watch here http://www.zacuto.com/shootout
  5. Hi ,I think this video will tell you everything about DSLR footage and film footage,watch it episode 3 u can watch here http://www.zacuto.com/shootout thanks
  6. Hi Bruce,thanks for your information,this is great idea,I will try,like this I can make very low budget film,with all DI effects,thanks
  7. That is depend on location and shots,normal cases I used 50mm,close up 85mm,100mm or 105mm,wide range 24mm or 28mm,extra wide 14mm ,medium long shot 35mm,then if u wanna do a fish eye,u have to go 9mm or 8mm
  8. Hi,canon 5d m2 footage could transfer to film,I have called one Indian company they said they can do,DI[Digital Intermediate] to film the cost around US$30K+Stock price,first they do H264 transfer to DPX file format,then DI to film,then we will get color negative,but the cost is very high,so I m looking for alternative way .thanks
  9. Hi,Any one have an idea about Dslr footage transfer to 35mm film,then how the result will come out with a big cinema screen projection,thanks
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