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  1. You can also check out http://entertainmentinsurancebroker.com
  2. In the new year I am looking to shoot a short film. I heard that I should probably get insurance (Gear/liability). I did a little research online and found a company called Film Emporium. Has anyone used them? Their website is http://www.filmemporium.com. Thanks!
  3. Film emporium changed their website. Here is the link to the E&O section. http://filmemporium.com/errors--omissions
  4. I just found this article that really gives some good advice! http://www.studiodaily.com/2009/02/production-insurance-are-you-covered/ You can also contact the brokers at http://www.FilmEmporium.com. very helpful!
  5. I shot a short film not to long ago and used the ARRI SR2. Great camera! We had to get insurance not only to cover the camera, but in order to get a permit to shoot in a state park. I ended up contacting Film Emporium to get insurance. they had a package where I got coverage for the gear and liability to satisfy the permit office. Quick and painless. I recommend checking them out. www.FilmEmporium.com
  6. Check out this site for good prices on brand new super 8mm stock. Great to know it is still being made! http://www.filmemporium.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=37
  7. You can also try http://www.tapesuperstore.com/kosufi.html. They ship worldwide.
  8. Its a topic that people seem to be afraid to talk about but it something every filmmaker should be familiar with. I have done a little research to get people started. I found a couple of good websites of companies that sell the stuff but also have a great wealth of information. I encourage all filmmakers reading this to check it out. If you are going to shoot any kind of film in the future you will need insurance to do so. When not educate yourself now? www.FilmEmporium.com www.EntertainmentInsuranceBroker.com
  9. Try Film Emporium. They can cover you for short term projects. Check out their site http://www.FilmEmporium.com.
  10. I have used Film Emporium before...They are awesome! Definitely one I'd recommend for your E&O. They also covered me for my equipment as well. www.FilmEmporium.com
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