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  1. Selling a large assortment of 4x4 filters. All in great condition. Tiffen unless otherwise noted. Priced individually; best offer for the entire set. Full list: 81A, 81B, 812, Tobacco #1, Tobacco #2, Soft FX, ProMist 1, ProMist 2, Black ProMist 1/4 x2, Black ProMist 1/2, ProMist 1/2 ,Black ProMist 2 ,ProMist 3, Black ProMist 1, Fog, Schneider Classic Soft 1/2, Unknown 105mm circular UV
  2. Selling Sony FS5 package with RAW upgrade, Sony 24-135mm zoom, Zacuto rig, onboard mic, batteries and charger. Asking $6500 obo. Everything in like-new condition, valued at around $9k. Thanks for looking!
  3. Reduced price. Selling a mint-condition Arri SR- asking $3,500. Recently serviced. Comes with original Zeiss 10-100m 2.8, two 400ft mags, one original battery (with charger), new Belcor battery belt, core adapters and Porta Brace strap. Original case included. Refrigerated film stock also available: 15 rolls of 7222 negative film for sale for $25 per roll and one (1) 400ft roll of OWO b/w negative also available for $100. You won't find an SR in better condition than this one. Here's a short that was shot with it about two months ago in Vermont: Thanks!
  4. Thanks John! Best of luck on the hunt.
  5. A couple more images taken today. Also, I was mistaken about the lens-- it's a 2.8. http://imgur.com/rIujQgq http://imgur.com/eeI827Q http://imgur.com/Drx45LQ Thanks!
  6. Hey John-- asking price is $4,000, OBO. This camera was purchased about a year ago for $4500 from an estate sale, and I've put some work into it and added a few extras (battery belt, strap, core adapters). I'm going to add some more photos that will clearly show the condition she's in.
  7. Selling a mint-condition Arri SR. Recently serviced. Comes with original Zeiss 10-100m 3.5, two 400ft mags, one original battery (with charger), new belcor battery belt, core adapters and porta brace strap. Original case included. I also have about 15 rolls of 7222 negative film for sale for $25 per roll. It has been properly refrigerated since purchased. One 400ft roll of OWO b/w negative also available for $100. You won't find an SR in better condition than this one. I purchased it from a collector two years ago and it barely had any film run through it until I bought her. Camera is located in Manhattan. Here's a short that was shot with it about two months ago in Vermont: Two photos attached. Thanks!
  8. Ah, well there is the problem. As you first suggested, it seems like the guide pin has snapped off. Most likely from over tightening or trying to force the c-mount off (I think this may have happened when I left the lens on during the summer and the expansion made it extremely hard to take off). Either way, I think I'm going to have to either solder/weld a new guide pin that will fix the dimensions of the grooves on the lens barrel, or drill through the mount and install a pin that way. I think this would hold better. Thanks for your help, Jean-Louis! In the image you can see the small, grey area where the pin once existed.
  9. Thanks for the reply, Jean-Louis. Do you think this is a self-serviceable issue or something that is even worth looking in to getting fixed? I could buy a new one for $150 or so, but I have a personal connection to this glass as it was my dad's old lens from his travels.
  10. Hey All-- So I've acquired a Black Magic Pocket Cam, which has allowed me to dust off all of my old C-Mount lenses and put them to good use. My Kern 75mm f/2.8, however, seems to be acting strange. The C mount can now become unscrewed, which I don't remember it being able to do before-- see photo attached. I don't think that this part of the lens should be able to detach completely from the camera mount. It basically comes right off of the focusing threads. Any insights about this would be greatly appreciated-- I know I haven't explained the situation in the best way, but hopefully the photo will help.
  11. She is a beauty-- thanks Steve! I can't wait to use her next month.
  12. Thanks all! After looking up the wiring in the old SR manual, I was able to make a custom 2-prong cable to XLR to go directly into my tascam. It creates an unpleasant signal when I fire up the camera, but it's exactly the signal I need in order to distinguish when I'm rolling film or not. We'll see if it works in the field-- if not, I'll be synching by hand.
  13. I was under the impression that this would allow me to keep my digital recorder running all the time. If I had the input from the Pilotone, then I would be able to register when the camera began each time, thus making synching easier in post. It's basically for run and gun situations where it would be great to continuously roll audio, but only selectively roll film. I guess I thought it would be make it easier to synch up rather than having to slate in the field.
  14. Cory Zapatka


    Heading into the field shortly to shoot some sync sound camera tests-- I'm interested in trying to use as much of my "new" camera as possible, including the Pilotone and the start mark system. Has anybody had success recording this Pilotone, especially going to a digital recorder? If it's possible, I'd love to be pointed in the right direction for cables, 5-pin DIN to 3-pin male XLR. Thanks!
  15. George-- It's not ideal, but I'm mainly a documentary filmmaker, so having one solid bayonet zoom isn't the biggest problem for me. Ideally, I would like to have a PL mount in order to use my primes for other cameras, but in terms of the run-and-gun style that I use, one zoom is preferred, and a 10-100mm is perfect for me-- and the auto diaphragm is a pretty old but nice feature.
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