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  1. Do NOT use the LP-mode. - Anyway, I do not think you can play LP footage in SP mode. That is, the effect is not fast motion- if that is what you want to achieve. The better way is to use the timelaps-mode in the camera (if your XL-1 has such an option. Or you can just record the sunrise as usual, and the speed it up in Post. One option in such timelaps, is to (in post) devide the screen into to parts (still whipe - soft) and let the lower part go normal speed, and the upper part of the picture go timelapsed or fastmotion. -Maybe not for your shot, as you have the change of light becau
  2. Hi We have talked about trying out the "polecam" in one of our lifestyle-series this spring, and I wonder if someone have tried it out? Is it as easy as it looks? I hope it is not"another-gadget-hype" that sends the awareness of the cameraman to the equipement in stead of where it should be - on the scene/people... <_< How long do you use to assemble it? What kind of recorder do you use? And which camera is recomended? Do you have any positive or negative experiences with it? mvh g E I R (norway)
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