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  1. 400 GBP http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331846524138?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. doing a private screening of Essex Spacebin tomorrow night in London. 11:30pm at the Rio Dalston, E8. Come along if u want, its free
  3. Not sure, ideally I wanted to sell the entire package.
  4. I am selling my Konvas motor purchased from Olex a few years ago. 17EP-16APK Konvas motors See pictures. It's just missing a spacer and screw. Works a treat. Great Motor
  5. yeah lets face it, Essex Spacebin isn't going Supernova. And EVEN if by some miracle it makes Troma Millions and we don't make a penny then Im sure we'll get a phone call to do at least something else and to be honest thats all i want, the opportunity to get paid to make another film.
  6. so you sent that company your cover art, they sent you a big contract via email, you then stumped up 3K on a lawyer to go over the paperwork and made lots of amends and they were happy, and happy days you made your money? surely just getting it out was more important to you?
  7. I really can't afford to be paying 3K for someone to read 26 pieces of paper and tell me Im basically not getting anything out of the deal. I can see that clearly with my own eyes.. Does anyones first film make money? I don't think so, well 9 times out of ten. The point of this film was to enable us to make another. Richard did your first film net you cash? I recall it made you the square root of nothing but it got you that next chance. If Troma are " soliciting all VOD platforms including; Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Sony 4K and Playstation" then I could either do it my own with Distribber and pay them 3K for the privilege and not have the Brand cache of Troma and just be a random or.. You see my point. Or am i being a spanner?
  8. Thanks for you long and highly informative responsive it's very kind of you. I think anyone who reaches Troma is in a pretty desperate way. I'm quite sure they don't even care if I sign the contract or not which brings me to the point, if I paid for an entertainment lawyer to go over these 26 pages and put together a string of amends, what is the likelihood of them just not returning calls. It's a case of have it sit on the shelf or be seen somehow and then maybe something happens..... I don't know, do you know any entertainment lawyers? What do they charge ?
  9. Well after mailing everyone Troma got backing say they liked it and want to distribute it. What are people's thoughts on that? I have a 26 page contract. Can Anyone read it? I assume I won't make anything but Troma is better than nothing ??
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I looked into the EasyDCP option within Resolve and it appears that you need to register or you get watermarks/quality degregation after 10 seconds etc.. Dcopomatic painless? p
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