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  1. bathroom + long end of the zoom. I assume we've all spotted the issue here (unless shooting in a mansion etc) How much room do you have to play with?
  2. Looking at the images from the flickr feed, these don't appear to display as much pushing to the extremes of the teal and orange spectrum as we are seeing in modern cinema. As you said further down in your post David, the source material is unknown - I suppose the only way to really tell would be to go back to the masters or digital remastered versions and grab frames from there? While many films coming out in the last little while have been using the teal and orange look, it's not quite genre specific but there seems to be a selection of films that are using this look, can we define the look's placement in a genre/small selection of genres? Certainly the post apocalyptic films steer well clear of this, going for the bleaker grey look. Is the issue with the whole teal and orange push or how far it has been pushed in the last few years?
  3. http://theabyssgazes.blogspot.com/2010/03/teal-and-orange-hollywood-please-stop.html Read and laugh/weep. I'm definitely in agreement with you regarding the popped skin and teal skies. At the end of the day we don't go to the cinema's to see the world as we see it... maybe that discussion is for another thread :P
  4. No worries. feel free to direct message me if you want to continue correspondence via email? Without wanting to direct traffic away from this forum there are AP specific forums that probably will be more suited to your needs. As I said the learning curve is steep. One thing to bear in mind is payloads. We have one of the biggest multirotors on the market, an 8 rotor monster and it has an effective payload of around 2kgs. Also to date there is no known gimbal camera mount that will support a rod mount system for things like remote follow focus etc. Just out of interest what part of Europe are you based in? In my initial research into these craft I found a company in Finland using a craft similar to mine. Another thing to keep in mind is that all the footage you may have seen online that looks silky smooth has been heavily stabilized in post. Best of luck, keep in touch
  5. So on a 20cm/6-8inch cable camera out --> recorder. If I'm getting a signal that's as good as it will be? See picture --> thank appropriate deity --> remember to press record :P Cheers Phil.
  6. I'm trying to work out how to determine the quality of signal coming down a HDMI cable. I have time to invest in this little bit of a personal research project, I just lack the know how on how to go about it. I've read over and over that the 7D doesn't put out a uncompressed signal via HDMI. I m curious as to how this is determined as I have a FS100 and a 7D and I'd like to do some comparisons. Eventually the FS100 will be running into a Atomos Samurai via a HDMI -> SDI Atomos connect which is essentially why I'm embarking on this project. I realise there are many variables like cable quality and length that can affect the quality of a signal. I'd like to begin eliminating these variables. Thanks in advance Ian
  7. The two main players are Hoverfly and Mikrokopter. Can you specify what sort of camera you are using/wanting to use? Are you wanting to buy or rent? I've just gone thru the process of getting one built for my production company, hope you're a RC nerd/know of one because the learning curve is STEEP.
  8. Sucks. :( Hope you get it sorted, may be a warranty/service jobbie. All the best.
  9. probably cos 30p is actually 29.97p Try a shutter speed of 1/50 as per this video I found. (about 0.29 sec in) http://vimeo.com/14885028 Hope that helps. Being down under I haven't come across this before. All the best.
  10. All the Canon DSLRs output a SD signal via HDMI when recording except the 7D and possibly the 1D. There's not much you can do about it. Not sure if the Magic Lantern hack/update fixes this.
  11. What part of the world are you? Probably the flicker rate of fluro's is 60Hz? However... Why is your shutter at 1/60? If you're shooting 25fps you should have a shutter of 1/50sec and if you're on 50/60fps shutter should be 1/125sec. For a standard 180 degree shutter. Hope this fixes your issue.
  12. Do your research on codecs that the cameras shoot in, DSLR's have awful acquisition codecs but they've made the 35mm film "look" affordable. Also there are plenty of workarounds out there now - some better than others. It really depends on the type of work you want to be doing, run'n'gun or the more traditional slower paced shoots. Can I throw a bit of a curveball in here for ya, I'd say invest in some good glass, something that is gonna last you for a long time. You can always hire/rent a camera (esp if you're getting some budget). Companies like Duclos cinemod lenses - http://www.ducloslenses.com/Duclos_Lenses/zf.html will enable you to have a set of very good glass that won't destroy your bank account. Imaging technology is advancing at an exponential rate, at least with glass you will get better bang for your buck in the long run. As a student we had Panasonic's at my film school but I shot DSLR and have since moved to a Sony FS100, both of these cameras are not flawless but I have been very happy with the results from both of them. Hope this helps.
  13. Just for those interested I got in contact with Atomos regarding the Ninja and possible firmware upgrades allowing for DNxHD support etc This is what i got back. "Hi Ian Thanks for getting in touch. Lots of people are using the FS100 with Ninjas now, with great results. I'm not allowed to talk about future plans, I'm afraid. BTW - you may want to look out for Atomos announcements from the IBC in Amsterdam, starting on Friday this week. We've got some news about a few things that we'll be mentioning for the first time there. Best regards Dave Shapton Atomos"
  14. Set camera to best settings and then hope for the best? Sigh. I love operating in the unknown.
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