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  1. What counts as a 'filmmaker'? Most people on most films of any size don't make the whole film themselves, so there *is no filmmaker* for most films. Are directors frustrated filmmakers?
  2. That looks like the perspective of a child because the camera is low and looking up at people, not because it's a wide angle.
  3. I fully understand the need for a whole system change to support AF. Technology and people would need to change. It's not just a matter of a different lens or camera body. And I understand why focus on cinema cameras is so different/lacking currently. I'm not saying that AF is better than MF or that AF removes the need for a skilled person making dedicated focus decisions. I think manual focus is great and I use it 80% of the time, and it will always be humans who decide *what* to focus on at any given time. I'm saying that: Skilled operator using AF + MF > Skilled operator using MF alone. And I'm positing that the advantages of advanced auto focus systems (used in combination with manual focus) are so large that their eventual adoption by cinema cameras is inevitable. Those are advantages in terms of quality (accuracy), cost (potentially fewer delays/retakes caused by focus issues, and potentially lower skill requirements meaning lower staff costs) and creativity (new possibilities). There's also an easy technological path to get there. Sony could make an e-mount version of Venice, use their excellent focus software from their mirrorless and FS/FX series cameras, and rehouse their range of prime stills lenses. Canon are in a similar position. Panasonic also probably have all the resources they need to beuild a system, but perhaps not the market position. Those three companies also have lots of lower end equipment that the next generation of film makers are coming up on, learning to love, and learning to exploit the strengths of.
  4. As I understand stereo photography, the inter-lens distance acts like the viewer's inter-occular distance. Close lenses make it seem like the viewer has eyes that are close together and the viewer is small, and widely separated lenses make it feel like the viewer is large. I'm not so clear on why different angles of view would imply different sizes though. Perhaps a wider lens tends to get used closer, which makes the subject seem larger and therefore the viewer smaller?
  5. A well-rounded focus puller nowadays should be good at both the old measuring/guessing distances method and pulling from a monitor. There are situations that favour both. Additionally, they should be learning how best to use the various types of autofocus that are appearing in non-cinema cameras like the A7S3, FS6 and various Canon cameras - this will filter up to the cinema cameras eventually. Using autofocus properly and in combination with manual methods is a real skill, and it can do things that are pretty much impossible with solely manual methods. As resolutions increase, focus is is going to get more and more critical.
  6. Adrian, do you have a link to the program 'Capture' that you mentioned please?
  7. What drone is it shot with? Perhaps it's in an auto exposure mode and that is fluctuating?
  8. Over the various lockdowns I spent several nights out under the stars doing astrophotography. I went out in full daylight, and waited many hours until the darkest part of the night, with no artificial light. It really is amazing how much your eyes adapt over that time, and what night actually looks like to the human eye when fully adapted, especially under a full moon.
  9. You were right! We watched it together but I stopped it half way through because it was getting very late, and the next day she asked if she could finish watching it. That's very strange for my mum! Sorry I've been away for a while. I actually had a lot of notes I made on this film, but I've been too busy with work the last 7 days or so to do anything. Will post again later. You liked the film then?
  10. Not yet - my mum is staying and I don’t thi k she’d enjoy it! Planning to watch tomorrow when she’s gone to bed.
  11. Does anyone know the name of the photographer that Matthew Libatique referenced in his episode? I'll trawl through the episode again if I need to, but if someone knows then thanks.
  12. Here goes then: Film of the Month Club 2021 – Schedule January Sound of Metal imdb / trailer / Amazon Prime US UK "A heavy-metal drummer's life is thrown into freefall when he begins to lose his hearing." February Dogtooth imdb / trailer / Amazon UK US "Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out." March Woody Allen Film (Phil to decide which) imdb / Woody Allen montage “My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.” April – December TBC
  13. Sound of Metal is also on my list of things to see. 🤘
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