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  1. You won't get all that much barreling with a 14mm UP, it's pretty rectilinear. Look for something like the Peleng R8 8mm - it's proper fisheye on 35mm stills but won't give you a circular fisheye view on motion picture as you use a smaller imaging area. There are some of these converted to PL mount. http://www.longvalleyequip.com/lens.php HTH, Kim Sargenius cinematorapher sydney
  2. Errrrm - I feel like I'm about to ask the dumb question here; but no-one's thinking strobes???? Kim
  3. It will help further as well if you can keep your lights on different legs / phases. cheers, Kim
  4. Agree! Colour for B&W is just not quite the same, and I think it comes down to silver grain vs. dye clouds - dye clouds when desaturated are just blobs, not grain :P Plus X neg with a Wratten #25, and if you want to be real gutsy play around with a polarizer as well :D cheers, Kim
  5. Would be interesting to see these in there as well: http://www.bmlighting.com/catalog/mactechhpl.htm Bardwell&McAllister have put ETC's HPL lamps in various mini-brutes etc. Anyone had a chance of trying these yet? cheers, Kim
  6. AKA 'Cat's Eye' Bokeh :D - which a function of mechanical vignetting in the lens. That's probably the most extreme example I've ever seen! Must be talking f1.0 or Kubrick's infamous f0.7!! Where'd you get that photo from? Flickr? cheers, Kim
  7. Combine it with some sort of three-colour separation technique and you might be onto something! cheers, Kim
  8. Dominic, Thanks for putting that so much better than I could! And with an explanation in words that I can actually understand! cheers, Kim
  9. Does this refer to any particular 'Phil Rhodes' or just a general 'Phil Rhodes' type personality? :P Sorry, I'll stop the phil-bashing right now... :) Kim Sargenius
  10. Have you tried didymium / enhancers? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didymium http://www.singh-ray.com/colorintens.html I've only ever played around with them (Tiffen ones) and there does seem to be some increase in saturation - especially in the warmer colours. Most of the available ones are designed for on-lens use but I wonder if they might work on lights as well? Some of the sizes should fit on a Dedo... cheers, Kim
  11. Brian, I've come across something like that on lights from AFM here in Australia. There initial inventory here was all brought over from the UK. They all had some big adaptor plug dangling off them and the prep tech used some specific UK term for the little jumper cable they used - 'turnover' or 'change over' or something like that? You familiar with what I'm talking about? Just curious about the lingo :) cheers, Kim Sargenius
  12. Hi Milo, Some stupid questions to start with: Are you shooting both '18 and '73 in the same scene under the same lighting? If not - could it be that the scenes you are shooting with the '73 has just that little bit more snap? How have you been viewing your rushes? Ignore all of the above if you've already been through all that :) In my experience the '18 should if anything have just a little bit more snap and contrast than the '18. HTH, Kim
  13. Yes, the mattes can under certain circumstances act as another iris - a Waterhouse stop, so called because the first stops used for controlling exposure were just holes drilled in sheet metal, invented by John Waterhouse. If the mattes change the shape of the bokeh then they might also affect your exposure but it would have to be a pretty drastic change of shape before you'd really need to worry. This is to check - point the camera, with the matte on, at a distant point source, such as a traffic light or car head light, throw it out of focus and if the resulting disk has any square corners you might want to think about going to the next size up on the matte. further reading: Waterhouse stop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterhouse_stop Bokeh: http://www.vanwalree.com/optics/bokeh.html HTH, Kim Sargenius
  14. In David Mullen's spare time... I got a good laugh out of this :) I don't know anything about your culinary skills David so don't take this the wrong way mate! cheers, Kim Sargenius
  15. IMHO it sounds like you're looking at an all or nothing approach - you want a fully fledged Cahiers du Cinema or nothing at all. My personal take on it would be to start as a blog - if nothing else you'd get good essay writing practice for your studies :) I think the key to success would have to be very strong editorial direction and focus - keep a very close eye on the signal-to-noise ratio. My 2c worth :) cheers, Kim Sargenius
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