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  1. Thanks for your reply, Bruce. I will talk to my optician about options once NZ gets out of lockdown. Might be worth owning my own EVF that I semi permanently mod. Cheers, Harrie
  2. I have mild astigmatism, and a relatively light prescription for glasses. However, it's bad enough that I'm unable to use a monitor or EVF without my glasses on. Pushing an EVF into my glasses is very uncomfortable, and I often can't see 100% of the frame, as well as light leaking into my periphial vision. Is there any EVF on the market that takes prescription inserts? Particularly interested in more affordable options, but just curious if this is even a thing at all. Thanks, Harrie
  3. Thanks for the reply, Ed. Good to know they survive rental. I'm pretty gentle with my gear, so should last me a long time in that case.
  4. In need of some ultra portable, but durable modifiers. Mainly a 4x8 floppy, but some diffusion etc would of course be useful too. What’s people’s preference between the scrim Jim and Matthew’s road flag kits? I’m in the “but it for life” mindset, and just want something that will last.
  5. Thanks everyone! I actually found a used Spectra Cine IVa on eBay. Should arrive next week, so hopefully it's in good condition. I like the look of the analogue meters, they have that steampunk vibe. But I think in practicality it would frustrate me. Especially on lower budget stuff where I'm constantly riding the ISO.
  6. I've been doing mostly videography work and no budget indie stuff for the last 14 years, but I'm wanting a light meter to take a step towards more controlled shooting. I'm gearing up to do more DP work currently. At film school we used the old sekonic combination cine meters, but these don't seem to be sold anymore. I did research a number of years ago, but a lot seems to have changed since then. I really hate the idea of the touch screens on the new Sekonic meters, although I've never used one personally. Should I just bite the bullet and get a new Spectra Cine IV on backorder from Bhphoto? I'm concerned about buying anything used, as I live in New Zealand and I'm not sure if I can get it tested and calibrated here. I want something that should last me at least the next 5 years or so. Any suggestions much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Harrie
  7. Thanks guys! Will email the lawyer for the free consultation, just need to collect all of the info I have. Will also look into options for shooting in the EU on a soundstage (or location with some minor modifications). Thanks again for everyones input! Harrie.
  8. No offense taken, I've been realistic about that from the start. I mean, maybe if I were directing animation, but I'm not. I don't have money for a lawyer right now, but will keep it in mind, as I do want an O1 eventually. I just don't want to spend the money unless I'm 99% certain it will go through. It's too big of a financial loss for me to bear right now if it fails. The film is set entirely in a luxury apartment, with less than 5 mins of screentime outside of the apartment in fairly generic locations. However, the dialogue and humor is very American, setting it in the UK would pretty much be a ground up rewrite, with a new writer, in which case - it's a different movie. A production company in the US said they were maybe interested in taking it off our hands and hiring a local director, but I'd rather find a way to direct the film myself. The problem is, American apartments look quite different to London apartments. I've been to both places, and although some things might be subtle, I do believe the difference to be enough that I'd at the very least have to fly in appliances (or rent US stuff locally maybe?). Or shoot on a stage. On a stage I could cut my 3 week shoot down to 2, due to controlled conditions. But this is all possible, I just don't know if it's affordable. Shooting on a stage in Budapest, Hungary is also possible, and they offer a 30% rebate on anything spent in Hungary (I live here right now). But then comes flying in actors and accommodating them, as well as again potential VISA issues etc. I'll also try to track down a couple of UK producers/ production houses and see what they think. Worth testing the waters. Thanks again guys! H.
  9. Hi Phil, thanks for the reply. Didn't seem to come to my inbox, so only just saw it now. That's a shame. I guess once I've done my first feature, this will get much easier, as I'll put in an o-1 application through an agent so I can have it longer term. I don't have the cash right now to put into a speculative application unfortunately, it's not a small amount by any stretch! In the meantime, perhaps I'll have to do this film on an EU soundstage a la Polanski with "Carnage". There are a lot of good UK actors that can play American, I'm sure. Just wondering if it's even possible to shoot on a sound stage with an apartment set for under 250k usd. Thanks again! Harrie
  10. Hi guys, I have a very specific question and thought maybe someone who has done something similar may be able to chime in... I'm producing my first live action feature film right now, which I will be directing. I didn't write it, but my name is on the script as I was heavily involved in developing it. My writer is an American citizen. I'm looking to bring the production to the US with some European money, but the majority of the financing coming from within the USA. I had thought about the 01 visa, but it's a bit of a catch 22. I can't afford to get the Visa without financing in place, but I can't get finances in place until I know with 100% certainty that I am legally allowed to direct a film in the US. I've done a bunch of short films, but my main success has been a stopmotion animated short film, which won me 2nd place in my category at Young Directors Award (part of the Cannes Lions festival). In addition, I have a bunch of press about me and my film, as well as having won another Young Directors Award, issued by Danny Boyle. I have a feeling that this will not be enough for an O1 visa, nor will it get through the guild portion of the selection process (DGA I imagine?). What I'm wondering is, if I'm bringing a script to the country, and working as one of the producers as well as directing, does that constitute as employment? Or does that mean I'm setting up a temporary business in the US? Is there any simple solution to my problem? I can't seem to find any information relating to this, at all.... Thanks!!! Harrie
  11. Thanks Richard! I'm glad you liked it. It has played at a number of festivals so far, and won me the "Young Filmmaker Award" at Shuffle Festival in London, chosen by Danny Boyle. Also played at Mill Valley, where I got to meet Darren Aronofsky, and go to Pixar etc. Crazy experience going from a garage in the middle of no-where to meeting some of my heroes.
  12. So then GH4 or the FS100 are really the only sensible options, and I'll just have to deal with rigging it, and powering an evf etc. I can live with that if I need too, just wanted to see if I had options first. Thanks so much for your help Phil!
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