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Looking for a smaller overhead rigging solution. Mini Max?

Hendrikus De Vaan

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I run a small 1 ton G&E kit (lx and grip are mostly combo here in NZ), and I’m looking for a good solution for booming in lights on location.

Our ceilings range from 8-10 foot most often, and our houses are much smaller typically than NA houses.

The types of things I’d like to rig are:
* ls600c with lantern (dinner table type setups etc, although a 4x4 flex panel with pancake lantern could work if weight is too unmanageable)
* soft backlights (4x2 softbox would be the max size. Again, could custom rig flex mattes).
* Overheads at night (street light emulation)

And others.

I’ve been looking at the following options:
* speedrail menace arm (takes up the least space in the van, but slow to set up and large footprint)
* junior boom arm (again, large footprint, slow to make safe)
* Matthews Mini Max (seems like the best option, but heavy, expensive here in NZ, and fairly large in the van. Wish it had a junior receiver)
* goal posting scaff pipe (cheap, safe, but twice as many stands to hide, and hard to position in a small space).

Polecats are often not an option on the smaller jobs (they often don’t have locations managers etc).

Overall the Mini Max seems like a pretty flexible piece of kit that’d be worth the investment both financially and spatially in the van. 

Has anyone hung a 600w aputure fixture from one? Did it feel safe?

Any other suggestions or insights greatly appreciated!

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Honenstly I think I would go with a menace arm/ Speedrail or a JR Boom. I feel the cost/benefit of a max mini just isn't really there.

The Max will take the weight of the head and little snoot; it's 1/2 the rated working weight; but honestly it is something I would feel much more comfortable hanging a lite-mat on.

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