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  1. I recently purchased 5'c of cinematography and read some pages, i feel that every cinema enthusiast should have read this. one of the best books about cinema taking and angels.
  2. even though i am posting you too late, getting anamorphic lenses from India or any other country other than yours has having two issues. 1) getting a anamorphic lens on rent 2) logistically transporting to your country from source country. so find any film agency in your country which can source from other country's rental houses, deal logistical(delivery) issues and can guarantee the return of lenses and service on prompt manner. ask if any agency doing that, for the rental costs involved for needed shooting days and shipping time of 2 ways. and compare the costs with 2nd hand anamorphic lenses if purchased outright from any 2nd hand lens vendor from reliable websites. if outright purchase cost is less than rentals. purchase it. if rental is less, take it on rent. ok nageswara rao surapaneni hyderabad, India. Asia.
  3. Mr Murthy can you elaborate this process in detailed way, if you can sir.
  4. thank you Mr. Brain Dzyak for your link, it is so helpful. and also tell me about any cameras which are workable in indies budget. thank you in advance.
  5. which part of cinema field in India are you in? is your movie production started yet? let us make a group of Indian cinema enthusiasts. OK jay singh
  6. i am s. nageswara rao from andhra pradesh. i am Mba graduate, i am also interested in movie making too. so i want to make a movie in indie budget with digital camera.
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