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  1. I'm sure you won't have a problem if you put a grain filter on the 7D or 5D footage in post and color correct it to match the grain and color of your S16 it is not completely the same but it will trick the eye enough for the audience not to realize.
  2. if you mix a 3200k kino bulb and a 5600k bulb it makes a great soft light that gives skin an amazing color. Its a beauty mixture :)
  3. Thank you so much those were awesome suggestions that i'm probably going to go with.
  4. im sorry i didn't make the set up and my goals clear. im just trying to make it look night but not over light it. The actor will not be wearing glasses. the person in the picture was a test subject. natural night look is what im going for.
  5. I am shooting this production next month and we did a test run for a visual effect but i need some more ideas on how to light it as natural as possible. I'm thinking 1 1200w HMI rigged high to light the foreground and midground, and a 2k tungsten with a flicker master for the background and fire effect.
  6. I agree with Adrian, if there is a way to get more shadows like shutting a few fluros off and under-exposing a bit? Either that or just get on a sound stage (if you have the budget) and light from above. Maybe get a flicker master on some lights to create that awkward alone feeling. Thats just my opinion as well.
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