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  1. This looks like fun. Advocacy for the best browser, Firefox! They've got McG as a judge along with some others you may know. Thought maybe some of you guys might want to get involved. I was invited to be a Firefox developer but just didn't have time. (Coding is my other life).
  2. I just got an email from Tim saying you guys missed me so I thought I'd jump in and let you know I've just been busy on the set of my new film "Landon and Me". It'll be coming out as soon as we can get funding.
  3. Rob Belics


    Go HERE and under the middle column called "Virus Protection" click on "Online Scan". It's free. Also checkout www.grisoft.com I don't know if their scanner works with Macs or not, though.
  4. It's been a much discussed topic and the price was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for post work on the vidjo.
  5. Sorry to piggyback onto your question but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a meaning behind the occasional flares that occur in the film. iirc, there were five or six long horizontal blue flares at certain points. They were so blatant that I couldn't help but think they had a hidden meaning of some sort.
  6. So there up to 1% of the worldwide theatre market now?
  7. The "real story" of "The Exorcist" happened in one of the buildings I went to college, St. Louis University. The priest who took part in the exorcism died today.
  8. Rob Belics


    I've got a coupon.
  9. What do you do if you end the planned day early? Ever done that?
  10. Yeah. Even Super8 looks good on the tube.
  11. One cutter told me the key is "keep your cement fresh".
  12. My son had to be in makeup at 4:30am for two weeks two years ago. That would make him 14, though. He put in too many hours cause I forgot to keep track and nobody else did either. But he's a pro and didn't complain.
  13. Rocky Mountain Film processes this. I think their prices are about $10 higher than RGB was.
  14. It's in excellent condition. Clean as a whistle. Even has a load of film in it! Heh.
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