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  1. hi i am about to shoot commercial on roller-coaster (it doesn't have 360) and she is going 40KH i want to shoot 2 persons every time thinking about alexa mini or sony f55 (global shutter) and to rig it with SACHTLER MAXIMA but afraid it wont work..... my plan B is a poor man stabilizer and to put the camera on car tire any advice will be great thanks ram
  2. gomorrah!!!! one of the best grity dark colorfull camera work i ever saw!
  3. hi i am working on feature film which was shoot with alexa 2k prorez 444 log-c we are working in a pro post house with base light and 2k projector the files from the alexa are very very noise spacialy the red channel!! it's in day ext. and day int. scene same scene it's more present the the other any idea? we are lost!
  4. what so great in this scene is that the cutting create the felling that jack is talking to him self (which he dose in the subtext )
  5. Ram Shani


    great test i found wow! https://vimeo.com/46438718
  6. every thing you like at the mark 2 you will like beater on the mark3 beater codec no aliasing no moire no 12min record limit but it's still doesn't make a good movie and doesn't make coffee
  7. here is part 1 & 2 great documentary !!!!! please look at part 1 first and pic the one you like best in part 2 you will find a surprise:) http://www.zacuto.com/shootout-revenge-2012/revenge-great-camera-shootout-part-one
  8. Ram Shani

    F3 VS C300

    i found this great test !!!! https://vimeo.com/44800070 enjoy:)
  9. please take a look at this great test https://vimeo.com/44800070 ram
  10. use this tehnicolor cinestyle http://www.technicolor.com/en/hi/theatrical/visual-post-production/digital-printer-lights/cinestyle and this filter for great anti aliasing and moire http://www.mosaicengineering.com/products/vaf/5d2.html and use 160 320 640 asa!!! good luck:)
  11. for me what work best is expose to the right at - interiors and night scene protecting the highlight at day exterior (expose to the left) ram
  12. looks great ! can you expend more about the camera choreography and how did you handle all the camera moves on the studio with all the windows and mirrors in term of lighting and exposure? thanks ram
  13. looking great one question how did you light the night shoot of the apartment shooting through the window? is it all practical? thanks ram
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