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  1. The Leicina will *definitely* run without a cartridge. (It just won't expose correctly).
  2. Don,

    Are you able to send me a PDF of the Movexzoom 10 Super 8 movie camera?

    Thank you,


  3. Ian Rivlin

    Bauer A512

    If you open the back of a Bauer A512 and press on the ASA button with a pencil etc, you'll see that subtle pressure changes result in associated apertures in the viewfinder. - If you try this with the (for instance) S715XL and similar Bauers, you'll see that pressing the film speed button just gives two different settings - ie 40asa and 160asa. Although I haven't tried 64asa Ektachrome in my A512, I am strongly of the opinion that it will work well. According to my manual (and if I've interpreted the wording correctly) all speeds between 25asa and 200 asa will be accommodated. I'd welcome any further input on this issue. The A512, in my opinion is a brilliant and super sophisticated camera that can do things that no other Super 8 is capable of. (Its animation function with the pull out exposure meter is quite extraordinary). If the A512 does provide full function for EK64 film, then the camera is just about perfect. Someone made mention of the A512 xl.... Does this mean they made a model with a 220 degree shutter? - Mine's got the 180 degree shutter. As an aside, I have a Bauer S715XL and an Agfa Movexoom 10. Does anyone know how these cameras go with other filsm than 40/16asa? - I have commented on the effects of pressing the asa index button but so many times, the story is much more complicated than this simple feature. Ian
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