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  1. Altho I kinda hated FCP X, after I started treating it like a NEW program and not a update. Sat down and watched a few tutorials I've started really liking it. (Im sure some people on here on gonna crucify me for saying that) The new color correction is way better and I feel it really gives you the control to make your footage look much better and more film esk. Here is a 60sec video I shot on 5d mark ii in a day and color corrected in FCPX -nathan presley http://twitter.com/NathanPresley
  2. So I rented it and used it Id say overall your paying $4000 a day and obviously that doesn't include the massive lighting gear you need if you have any intention of shooting indoors or at night. thanks guys for the info and tips. I used them -nathan
  3. Can you anybody tell what camera shot this ? Red ? phantom ? Looks like its at least 120fps in some shots (you can watch the HD version on youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--rs7Ni7nmA thanks
  4. To rent a "ready to shoot" ( w/ lenses) Phantom package, How much does it cost per day ( roughly ) I know there are multiple cameras and lots of different packages, but lets not go too deep into it What is the cost per day ? thanks guys -nathan
  5. Here is a video I shot and directed. Today is the first day its live. Its for a great band called OK SWEETHEART. The song you hear in the video is actually being feautured on One Tree Hill tonight. The video isn't perfect, but its not bad for one day of shooting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlXv90NvO-g&feature=player_embedded -nathan
  6. Do you know the frame rate this was shot at or what lights were used 10ks ?
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