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  1. thanks Stephen, HHmmm I like what you said about a movie which I would be willing to watch repeatedly, make sense, I guess it was stupid quest. to ask, but i felt like knowing how rest of the people think about it. Last month I shot two projects the first one was simple to comprehend and execute for a simple reason that my director was a pretty smart hard working guy, he had locked a look and style for the project and had all references lined up to discuss and pick ideas from before we went on to shoot, on other hand on second one my director left every thing on me to decide, so here I was clueless where to begin, I did manage to achieve desired results in the end but i guess i took very unplanned path,tried different things, some worked some didn't, but was a great learning experience in the end, I have been talking to people for while now and have got great insight in to the matter, most of them believe it comes with experience( as you said be ready to make lot of public mistakes)
  2. Thanks!! The idea to bring it up here was to get some experts' advice and suggestions, but seem not many are interested, anyways, well I do that myself too, means watching the films which has kind of look I desire for,a movie is good reference. what I want to understand here is how would one decide " This is how I want my film to look like". I read David's detailed shooting procedure, he shared on the forum for his film "Big Sur", right at the beginning of it he says that he and director has kind off agreed on a look, which he has described in detail followed by how he intend to achieve it and how he achieved it in the end, that all is fine.I am really curious to know what they do to zero on to a look, what procedure?? may be it is something one gains with experience but thn there must be a certain process and I am sure involves lot of research work too, but where does one start as far as finalizing a look is concerned.
  3. hey guys, I have been following up this forum for quite a long time and have finally decided to go Independent after assisting various Dops here in India,looking forward for all the advice you guys have to give, I am certainly nervous, and one question that keep bothering me is; where, how and in what direction should I start( as far as look of a project is concerned )will it happening naturally or should I need to awns few quest. before I decide.This one question pushes me on back foot every time,as I am not from a film school I find hard to put chain of thought in correct order, any ideas how to get ideas rolling, what should be the core of thought when it comes to "look" of a project, thank you !!!
  4. well that does sound easy,although not easy while executing,but the thing still bothers me "HOW DO I LIGHT FACES AND CHARACTERS".Any light on that Phils.Would be realy helpful thanks
  5. i guess you need more exposure and better equipments, you can continue shooting on trail and error bassis too but that might take long to acheive the results you are looking for, nevertheless you keep experimenting, visit topics of your interest on this site,some of them have been discussed thoroughly enough to give solution to what might be your querries at the moment, and look out for funds to get your equipments in place, as i said earlier you will need better equipments, point and shoot with a camcodor will seldom give you creative satisfaction you can also start reading material on shooting techniques, one of the book which i liked most and i feel is very essential for a film student is FIVE Cs OF CINEMATOGRAPHY. all the best.
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