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  1. Thanks Adrian, that makes perfect sense to me..... and i am crystal Clear... thanks for your advice. I appreciate your time and effort to explain my query. Thanks for your patience tooo.... have a great day.
  2. Thanks Adrian... for your information so u telling i should keep the incident on 640ASA and the ON camera ISO to be 100 ASA? but would every camera differ in its sensitivity... have anybody rated the camera Sensitivity?
  3. HI, i would be shooting on Canon 5D MK II, for an ad film... and i would be lighting it with tungsten source, if i am using my incident light meter for my lighting ratio... whats the ISO Sensitivity i should keep it on my Light Meter and what ISO rating should i keep it on Camera while shooting Video. how do i rate? can anyone tell me? e.g - if i keep ISO on camera at 400ASA then to get my lighting ratio whats the ISO Sensitivity i should keep it on Light meter? or if its 100 ASA on camera then what should i keep it on light meter?
  4. Hi, I am Nishant from bombay, i do freelance work and would like to be part of feature film projects. Fondly, Nishant Gala +91 9867799310 / +91 9821420870
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