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  1. wow, you are always so helpful over the years David...and Dom...thank you guys. Super appreciate it.
  2. we are planning on utilizing a couple split focus shots in next film, but have never actually used a split field before. we are trying to accomplish a shot similar to the first shot in the below link. But can any DP out there tell me which one to rent...because they're a little hard to come by and can only rent from Atlanta or LA and we're shooting in Austin, so I don't want to waste time getting the wrong one delivered out there. +1, vs +2 or +3? which one? We will be using Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses just FYI.
  3. we just acquired a Sunray 2.5k HMI par, came w/ballast which has bates plug at end of it. because everything all worn off, you can't tell what amperage and specs needed. we're wanting to run this from our Honda eu7000is gene, which gives us a 30amp 220v 4-prong. first question: can someone verify the amps needed to run this particular light, can it run fine on that 30amps? second: what's the easiest adapter or way to plug this thing in, assuming the cable is 10/3 and safe for initial spark/and load.? We thought about creating a 100ft 10/3 cable with a male 4-prong plug to go into gene...then a single box on other side w/female bates. thoughts?
  4. Hey everyone. I am looking for a DP for our upcoming feature. The goal for principle photography is between June1-Sept.1, 2018. The film, New Creature, is a psychological thriller with a splash of sci-fi. (see IMDB) It's an ultra-low SAG project($400k), but in order to keep budget down, we're open to finding an ambitious, non-union DP, or a union DP willing to work for less because he/she really loves the material. Mika Boorem is attached as the lead, and it is visioned by award-winning director, Seth Christian. Anywho, it's set in the 1800's, and if it doesn't film in Oklahoma, they're looking at Romania and Spain as a possibility. As far as story, think The Village meets Vanilla Sky! If you're interested or know of a DP who might be a fit, please let me know!
  5. seems like (2) Honda 6500's might be the best way to go. not very loud and by having 2, we can be covered in power. and they're only $120/day. thoughts?
  6. ok. well, based on our lighting list from first post...whats a better option for a gen that will not only handle it all, but be at a tolerable db level where we wouldnt have to run as far?? thanks for all your thoughts.
  7. last question--if we go with this unit...by putting it far away so it doesn't affect sound recording, how far can we be running each stinger before we will start worrying about too much power loss?
  8. adrian, thanks for your thoughts. would you be able to give me a couple links to which adapters I would need for this gen? Can you describe for me WHY this would flicker? what makes a gen flicker or not flicker? lastly, do you have a better gen recommendation that would be FREE of worrying about flicker?
  9. we're in major budget-cutting mode, so we found this gen for like only $300 for the whole week from somebody. http://www.amazon.com/Mi-T-M-12000-Watt-Gasoline-Generator/dp/B003X7A9UI/ref=pd_sxp_f_i will it comfortably push?: (4) 1000w par cans (2) 300 Arri fresnel (2) 600 Arri fresnel (5) 40w table lamps (1) Lowell DP 1000W (2) Lowell Tota 750W I know the wattage of the gen is above the wattage of our lights, but I guess I'm asking about the technical side of things I'm slowly (but surely) learning about amps, line loss, current, etc. I AM OPEN to ALL THOUGHTS about this scenario, the gen, and if you have a better recommendation?
  10. Yes. Jeff is correct too! But I was logically assuming that you would not be building a set so I gave you the "we're shooting at a friends apartment during the day" answer. haha Good luck!
  11. so in other words, don't mix. probly sound advice. any other thoughts out there regarding ROSCO's purplish difference. and if LEE is more accurate when it comes to true tungsten->daylight?
  12. looks like minimal lighting to me man. just using the natural brightness from the window and pulling your exposure (f-stop) down to the desired darkness of subject's head gets you 80% there. I see possibly 2 gentle lights on each side of his head...and maybe 1 light straight down on the desk to other subject in chair. Thats it!
  13. LEE 201 (based on their samples) seems lighter (in hue) than Rosco's full CTB. In the past I've used LEE 201 for bringing my 1k pars up to daylight, but I ran into a killer deal on some Rosco rolls and am wondering about their color accuracy compared to LEE gels? any thoughts?
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