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  1. F18 T3 CF 0.5m F28 T2.4 CF 1m F35 T2.2 CF 0.5m F40 T2.8 CF 0.6 m F50 T2.3 CF 0.7m F75 T2.2 CF 1m F100 T2.2 CF 1.25 m F150 T3.2 CF1.5m
  2. also have for sale set of lomo standard speed lenses F18-28-35-40-50-75-100-150 (sell as a set and separately) prices and photos on request dimaturaev@gmail.com thanks!
  3. Hi, Marcel! close focus on the scale is 0.3 m, but actually the focus ring moves more, I make shots when the front of the lens touches the subject
  4. yes, sorry, forget to put the price... price 1250$ (free shipping from Russia)
  5. Hi, have for sale very good lens, and very rare F80 macro T2.2 Lenses has pl mount! let me know if interested dimaturaev@gmail.com conversiontopl.com
  6. Hello! Have for sale my beautiful lens-F80 squarefront anamorphic, have some stills maken with this lens, lens has PL mount, 32 pitch focus gear ring location-Russia also have for sale set of lomos F18,28,35,50,75,80,100,150 if anyone is interested just let me know feel free to ask any question dimaturaev@gmail.com
  7. For sale Tokina 11-16 pl-mount! See photos. without electroplating and engraving. You can contact me by e-mail ds225@rambler.ru Regards, Dima Turaev
  8. Hello! I have been changing mount of different brands of lenses on the PL. In particular, I rework OCT 19 mount. I produce for sale lenses Tokina 11-16 F 2,8 with the pl-mount stainless steel. Housing-high-strength aluminum. Price $ 2000-2200(price changes of the cost of original tokina) I am from Russia,Saint -Petersburg.Perform the work personally, so this price. if you are interesting can contact me! ds225@rambler.ru
  9. Hi! And what is the СA-1, put photos. And in Russia in general can be any lenses in the PL mount to change, if interested write to the PM.
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