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  1. Hey, This is very normal in URSA/ CINTEL machine functioning instabe, so dont be panic. According to your observation, If you could give more info, Can manage to tell more on this. Most likely it looks like the communication board on the right ride rack, the very first board seems to be an issue. Two ways to verify. 1) Try to reset the board with the reset switch and see the control panel comes up. Else 2) Switch off the rack , or if you are scared, the entire machine, then try to pull the board out and verfy that all the IC's are seated properly. propably try pushing the IC's back on the board, and re-insert. if its a minor issue, the baby will come up.
  2. If you wanna quick turn around on the final finishing of the Film, they Baselight could aid a lot, and again it depends on the facility with which you are working. Toolsets would have much greater confidence and flexibility with Baselight.
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