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  1. yes GregBest agree...but the point Mr.Nolan making is that when he can still give the best of quality in the current day of the world shooting film....why should he try digital which has not given anything 'better' than the film in the current scenario. what he is saying is that he has not seen a good enough reason to change from film. this i agree ..from a cinematographer's point of view...one who has to operate the camera...literally live with the camera on ur shoulder ...squeezing the eye into. apart from the quality in terms of 4k ..6k...pixels and pigments.....theres so much bonding happe
  2. '...if u still are not convinced '.....i think u are in a great place ! as sir David says...there is no end to this learning...and its a constant thing for any artist. as always its been ...getting great visuals is just not by the camera we use to shoot. there are too many variables to get a great visual. and a great visual does not necessarily be a great 'looking' visual in terms of sharp and slickness....its what tells the story best and makes an emotion out of! may be u can try exploring and experimenting beyond just the camera....and try different time periods of a day or night...locati
  3. Hey Mark My wishes for ur film in the cinematography contest. will be following :) Mark...regarding the grade..for example...if u notice the skeleton shots....in order of appearance...they vary in brightness and contrast levels. they get brighter and then get less brighter in the sequence which i felt was breaking the flow of imagery. and also felt the pink grade of the sky was bleeding too much below the cloud/sky...onto the trees and even onto the rocks near the actor. the gradation of the same could have been less prominent. the two full length shots in the beginning sequence where t
  4. Hi Mark since u are not responsible for the scripting...characterisation....and various other elements involved in storytelling... am not getting in there. What u are responsible for... which is cinematography, is very commendable. What worked : very good opening shots. your choice of locations is great liked your lensing camera operation was good nice night effect mood What didnt work: there was no consistency in the colour grading of day sequence camera positions feels too restrictive. could have been more wild and yet fluid. Hey ..these are just my opinions. since this is
  5. Thanks a lot Mark ! am glad u feel so! yes Mark its a real location...a temple tank in Kerala! we arranged a few hundred oil lamps on the steps of the temple tank to get this form...for a song sequence in that movie. the challenge was to take the shot in a minute or so before the wind current blows them away ! u can check out the song in this link .... thanks for ur generous words !
  6. Hi David so if we have to get the effect that they achieved in 'Saving Private Ryan' battle sequences...where the bomb shell explosions show the stutter effect of the moving objects and an almost strobe effect of the soldiers running....which has been achieved by low shutter angle like 45 degrees or so on film cameras, how can we mimic this with our latest digital cameras. will changing the shutter to 45 deg in Arri Alexa give the same stutter..strobish effect. are there any other ways to create that effect with the digital platform during principal photography and post shoot. thanks for your
  7. hi first of all....thats a lovely goal to have for a film. and a challenging one too. since we cant shoot film nowww...am not even getting there of what it was shot on....processed on and other kind of realistic details which existed for that time period. now the job is what do we do with the present digital scenario. hmmm..... and...look which u have given as examples....3 photographs ..in my eyes....are 'completely different ' looks. the 1st pic has rich bright colours but the overall image hasnt lost the 'whites'. its brilliantly clear whites....whereas the 2nd pic has no clean whites
  8. quite intriguing John! good attempt. i second Bill's thoughts. quite an interesting sound design too.
  9. Engayum pola brother!! ingaye than irukkom! :P Thanks dude!! ur music video is rocking man!! wishes
  10. Thanks Leonardo ! much appreciate ur feedback. i had used UltraPrime lens on Red MX/Epic. and i hadnt used HDRx for these shots. Much of the 60's look was shot with red net before the lens with flares. the 80's look was mostly generated in post grading on Baselight. thanks
  11. Thanks a lot Lucien! am glad u like the work. Well...that will be an offer i cant resist! it will be fab to shoot with you and create a great film..wherever ! will send the link of the film to you. cheers !
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